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The evolution of the modern kitchen as the focus, the centre, the very heart of life in the home has brought exciting innovations in style, materials, surfaces and functionality. But a kitchen is more than a practical functional space or even just another piece of interior design. Yes it can make a statement about your style and taste, but actually, the best kitchen is the one that reflects the life you lead.

Though it may contain an abundance of technology and functional practicality, it should blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, enhancing the enjoyment of your home in a natural, almost unconscious way, so that when you are in it, all seems right with the world.

Outdoor dining ideas for summer – our guide to alfresco entertaining

Ideas for creating that perfect outdoor dining experience this summer, including crockery, candles and vases from Davonport.

Rebecca Silburn | 19 April 2018
Houzz 2018 Kitchen Trends Report

When Houzz releases its Kitchen Trends report, we’re always keen to see what’s going on in the wider world of kitchen design, and how Davonport kitchens compare

Rebecca Silburn | 27 March 2018
Kitchen Tour | Holkham

New to the Davonport showroom in Colchester, our Holkham display demonstrates a relaxed, classic style that bridges the gap between rustic country and urban kitchen design.

Rebecca Silburn | 07 March 2018
Q&A with Joanne Ward – Life in my Davonport kitchen

We love catching up with our clients to find out how they are settling into their new Davonport kitchens. Here we talk to Joanne about how her family are using the space.

Rebecca Silburn | 26 January 2018
Davonport wins British Design & Manufacturing Award

Davonport is thrilled to have been awarded the British Design & Manufacturing Award at The Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards

Rebecca Silburn | 15 January 2018
Sound and vision in the kitchen

With your kitchen space playing such a fundamental role in modern day life we truly believe it should be a room to enjoy and entertain in.

Rebecca Silburn | 16 November 2017
Dressed to impress: Styling your kitchen this festive season.

With the festive season just around the corner we’ve sought inspiration from the design team at Culinary Concepts to hear their tips for bringing the Christmas spirit into your home.

Rebecca Silburn | 15 November 2017
Everything In Its Place – Planning the Perfect Pantry

With a rich heritage and distinctly British feel, the pantry has become something of a kitchen icon. Here are our favourite ways to plan a pantry or larder.

Rebecca Silburn | 07 November 2017
Moroccan Feast of Flavours

As bespoke manufacturers of luxury kitchens, we sometimes get the chance to work on professional kitchens, designed for cookery classes and demonstrations. We really enjoy designing professional kitchens with the core focus of creating delicious food

Rebecca Silburn | 12 September 2017
Kitchen Tour | Bespoke Interior Alchemy

Situated in a stunning newly built home just outside London, our clients were looking for an entertaining kitchen with real wow factor that includes top of the range appliances, and an ergonomic layout with striking aesthetics

Rebecca Silburn | 06 September 2017
Planning your utility room – points to consider

Aside from offering practical storage space, a utility room should have an aesthetic impact too. See our guide to help plan your utility room.

Rebecca Silburn | 07 August 2017
Kitchen Tour : Orford

Often, a kitchen’s design is all about balance; balancing the practical requirements with the aesthetic impact or balancing dual, sometimes opposing, aspects of a brief.

Richard Davonport | 20 July 2017
Hot, hot, hot - Guest blog by Perrin & Rowe

Hot taps are all the rage right now, and quite rightly so. Forget waiting for the kettle to boil or cluttering your worktop with yet another appliance; instead welcome some stylish convenience into your home

Rebecca Silburn | 20 July 2017
Taking centre stage – planning the perfect kitchen island

What’s on your kitchen wish list? When we talk to our clients about their dream kitchen, more often than not, a kitchen island comes into conversation.

Rebecca Silburn | 05 July 2017
AGA Masterclass Recipe Ideas

We recently hosted an exclusive AGA cookery masterclass with chef, Mark David from The Cooking Experience in our Colchester showroom.

Richard Davonport | 29 June 2017
Davonport awarded Best Showroom 2017

We’ve had a very exciting few weeks at Davonport; we have some really special projects on the go and there are all sorts of exciting new ventures in the pipeline, you’ll learn more about those soon.

Rebecca Silburn | 24 May 2017
Kitchen Tour: SOHO

Whether you’ve been interested in our SOHO kitchen since its release at the start of 2017, or you’re just seeing it for the first time, we hope you’ll agree it’s a complex and exciting design.

Richard Davonport | 17 May 2017
What is ‘good design’?

Design is a word we use a lot in the Davonport office and often we talk about design without even realising it.

Richard Davonport | 11 April 2017
Easter Recipes; Tips from Guest Chef, Mark David

With Easter just around the corner, families are no doubt planning get-togethers for the long weekend. The two bank holidays make it the perfect time to plan some quality time with loved ones, and no Easter would be complete without a feast to celebrate the end of Lent.

Rebecca Silburn | 11 April 2017
Houzz 2017 Kitchen Trends

When Houzz releases a new kitchen report we’re always eager to get really stuck into it and understand how our own projects compare to the wider trends going on in the world of kitchen design.

Rebecca Silburn | 13 March 2017
Kitchen Tour: Rural Farmhouse

A rural farmhouse kitchen with a warm, inviting feel to welcome the whole family home – take a tour of this classic country kitchen to understand the design feature by feature.

Rebecca Silburn | 03 March 2017
Maximising the Space in your Kitchen

No matter the size of your kitchen, it’s important that the space works for you, and that includes making sure that you have enough storage without the room feeling cluttered.

Rebecca Silburn | 15 February 2017
No room for compromise: the Davonport seal of approval

Having built the Davonport name on a basis of unsurpassed quality for over two decades, the inherent superiority of a Davonport kitchen is found in the smallest intricacies.

Richard Davonport | 15 February 2017
KitchenAid: Beyond The Stand Mixer

If someone says ‘KitchenAid’ to you it’s likely to evoke connotations of family baking, freshly made bread and all round cosy home cooking.

Richard Davonport | 26 January 2017
Winter Warmers – Recipe Inspiration

At this time of year it’s tempting to retreat under the duvet and attempt to sleep through to spring. However instead of hiding from winter let’s tackle it head on with the help of some deliciously warming recipes courtesy of of Maldon Sea Salt

Rebecca Silburn | 17 January 2017
Christmas Wish List From Davonport Staff

We’ve been really good this year and we’d be so happy to find one of these lovely kitchen appliances or gadgets under our tree on Christmas Day.

Rebecca Silburn | 12 December 2016
2016 at Davonport

As 2016 nears its end we’re in a rather reflective mood. As cliché as it sounds the year really has flown by and it’s easy to forget the great achievements of the past 12 months.

Rebecca Silburn | 24 November 2016
Bringing Nature into Your Kitchen - Iris Hantverk Guest Blog

Around the world, we are changing the way we shop, eat, and live in search for a better quality of life. Families are choosing to grow their own vegetables and produce, baking their own breads and cakes, and taking the time to visit local farmer's markets.

Rebecca Silburn | 24 November 2016
Kitchen Tour: Hove Townhouse

There’s so much that goes into every kitchen we design that it’s easy to miss the smaller details and intricacy of each feature. Therefore we’ve decided to break down our new Holkham project and give you a tour of this stunning room feature by feature

Rebecca Silburn | 07 November 2016
Appliance Ergonomics: Hints and Tips When Designing Your Kitchen

Everyone wants their kitchen to be beautiful; after all, it’s where 60% of people spend over three hours a day , so of course it needs to be an aesthetically pleasing room. However, it also needs to be a practical space that’s easy to move around.

Rebecca Silburn | 20 October 2016
Hot Taps; Options, Positioning and What to Consider

Since the origin of the boiling water tap (also known as a hot tap) their popularity has steadily grown; not only do they save time and energy, they are financially economic and much safer than kettles in many ways.

Richard Davonport | 27 September 2016
Kitchen Zones: How To Create An Ergonomic Kitchen

A good kitchen layout is one that enables you to move around it effortlessly as you prepare or cook meals, with everything in easy reach.

Rebecca Silburn | 15 September 2016
Kitchen Splashbacks

It goes without saying that splashbacks are primarily practical elements in a kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish as well.

Richard Davonport | 22 August 2016
Choosing a finish for your Brassware

When it comes to choosing the finish for your brassware, there are a few things to consider – things like the style of kitchen, cabinetry and tap model chosen, what appliances you already have and fittings like door handles.

Rebecca Silburn | 07 August 2016
Salt of the Sea : Maldon Sea Salt Guest Blog

Not many seasonings come with a royal seal of approval, but then not every season is Maldon Sea Salt. We received a Royal Warrant on our 130th anniversary in 2012 and we’re proud to be fit for a queen - literally.

Rebecca Silburn | 28 July 2016
Why choose Perrin & Rowe?

Unparalleled quality, attention to detail and manufacturing in England – these are three of the most important aspects of the Davonport ethos shared by luxury brassware company Perrin & Rowe.

Richard Davonport | 14 July 2016
Preparing For A Design Consultation

So, you’ve decided that it’s time for a new kitchen but what can you expect from your initial design consultation?

Rebecca Silburn | 06 July 2016
How to make the most of your garden from your kitchen

Finally the long winter months have moved along and made way for bright mornings, longer days and dare we say some long awaited hot weather.

Richard Davonport | 21 June 2016
How Davonport Curved Cabinets are Made

There are relatively few kitchen manufacturers which provide curved cabinets, and even fewer which can make a 'true' curved cabinet (Davonport being one of them)

Rebecca Silburn | 13 June 2016
The Devil’s in the Details - Choosing Finishing Touches

When it comes to finishing touches for decorating the home it’s usually ornaments and soft furnishings which spring to mind.

Richard Davonport | 13 June 2016
Planning a kitchen lighting scheme – points to consider

Lighting in the kitchen is crucial; not only does it make the space usable, it can also add pleasing aesthetics.

Rebecca Silburn | 16 May 2016
The Art of Ergonomics: Drawer Storage

A kitchen may look stunning, but the real beauty of a design can only be truly appreciated when it’s used.

Richard Davonport | 28 April 2016
Warming drawers: Why and How

There are many appliances which are kitchen must-haves; a fridge, freezer and oven are absolute essentials.

Rebecca Silburn | 28 April 2016
The UK Houzz Report – How Does Your Kitchen Compare?

Houzz is a fantastic resource for those interested in interior design with lots of inspirational ideabooks and advice from professionals.

Richard Davonport | 25 April 2016
Davonport Difference: Mortise and Tenon Joints

At Davonport quality of build is of the utmost importance, and that’s why we use the best materials and methods when manufacturing your kitchen furniture.

Rebecca Silburn | 05 April 2016
Arte – Luxury Wallpapers And Coverings In The Kitchen

When clients work with us on a project they want more than just beautiful kitchen furniture, they are in search of creating a beautiful room.

Richard Davonport | 01 April 2016
Wood: What's The Perfect Wood For Your Kitchen

A timber kitchen is a thing of beauty, but how do you decide which wood is best for worktops, cabinets or even flooring?

Rebecca Silburn | 01 April 2016
Inspiration for Easter Recipes

Traditionally the Easter bank holiday weekend is time put aside for family gatherings and a good old fashioned home cooked meal.

Richard Davonport | 18 March 2016
Sinks: Style and Suitability

A sink is a necessity in every kitchen, but whilst it’s an essential and practical everyday item, it doesn’t have to be boring or ugly.

Rebecca Silburn | 02 March 2016
Colchester Wine Company: Tips for Perfect Wine Storage

Our latest guest blog is from Robin James at The Wine Company, independent wine merchants based in Colchester.

Richard Davonport | 25 February 2016
Davonport Difference: The Dovetail Joint

At Davonport quality of build is of the utmost importance, and that’s why we use the best materials and methods when manufacturing your kitchen furniture.

Rebecca Silburn | 25 February 2016
Davonport – Houzz Influencer and Best of Houzz Design Award Winner

We’re feeling very pleased with ourselves because we’ve recently received two awards from Houzz!

Richard Davonport | 25 February 2016
How To Heat Your Kitchen Without Sacrificing Its Style.

We’re yet to wave goodbye to winter but we must admit that there’s something wonderfully cosy and comforting about curling up on the sofa with a blanket. But what about keeping warm in the kitchen?

Rebecca Silburn | 22 February 2016
Kitchen Storage: The Beauty of the Pantry

It’s very difficult to say how much kitchen storage a homeowner needs, but most of the time it’s safe to say that the more the better.

Richard Davonport | 02 February 2016
Trends: What’s in Store for 2016?

There have been some interesting trends in interiors in 2015; the rise of the ‘industrial’ look, metallics being used in unusual places, and a resurgence of geometric patterns.

Rebecca Silburn | 07 January 2016
Aga tips on creating the perfect Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is arguably the most important food event of the year; it’s the meal that brings family and friends together to enjoy not only one another’s company, but also a wonderfully cooked meal.

Richard Davonport | 10 December 2015
Christmas In The Kitchen: Pairing Wine & Festive Foods

Christmas is a time to indulge surrounded by family and friends and often this includes a glass or two of wine.

Rebecca Silburn | 07 December 2015
How To Bring Christmas To Your Kitchen In A Practical Way.

Decorating the house with Christmas themed trinkets is a long honoured tradition that kicks off the festive season beautifully. However, despite the fact that most of the Christmas period is spent in our kitchens many of us don’t decorate this room.

Richard Davonport | 30 November 2015
Designing a Kitchen for Entertaining

If you love entertaining, then there are some key things to consider when designing a suitable space to be as ergonomic as possible for you and your guests. With the kitchen termed the ‘hub of the home’, it’s easy to see why guests gravitate towards this room.

Rebecca Silburn | 30 November 2015
Large Kitchens; Ensuring It's Cosy & Comfortable

Homeowners with a large kitchen can really make this room the hub of the home whether it be for entertaining guests or for everyone to spend time together as a family. Although luxurious, a large amount of floor space can be daunting.

Richard Davonport | 30 November 2015
Winter & Wine: The Best Wine Pairings & Storage Advice

The nights are getting longer, days are growing colder and Christmas is only a few weeks away; this time of year lends itself to hearty casseroles and a glass of good quality red.

Rebecca Silburn | 16 November 2015
‘On Tap’ with Perrin & Rowe

Kitchen taps have become crucial to the overall design of modernday kitchens, which is exactly why picking the right tap for you is essential.

Richard Davonport | 20 October 2015
How To Spend Your Kitchen Budget Wisely When It Comes To Cabinetry

Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream kitchen. There are many elements to consider and when it comes to cabinetry, you may find that it ends up using most of your budget.

Rebecca Silburn | 08 October 2015
Why choose AGA?

With autumn now upon us and winter not far behind, the appeal of hearty comfort food in your cosy family kitchen is increasing. What better to use for cooking your Sunday roasts and casseroles than an AGA?

Richard Davonport | 08 October 2015
The Cookery School at Braxted Park

Often our kitchens double up as entertaining spaces, play rooms or even offices - 21st century kitchens are frequently used for more than just cooking.

Rebecca Silburn | 17 September 2015
Guest Post: Design Flexibility by Sub-Zero & Wolf

As the heart of the home, you need your kitchen to be dynamic; not only should it look good and be able to cater for any situation, but it should also be highly functional.

Richard Davonport | 15 September 2015
Colour Schemes: Planning Your Interior Decor

It’s no surprise that most people start planning a room by deciding on the colour scheme. We are surrounded by colour every day but it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Rebecca Silburn | 28 August 2015
Barbecue and wine: How best to match summer food with wine.

A Great British barbecue is often associated with many things; burgers, bangers and rain to name a few.

Richard Davonport | 24 August 2015
Colour Trends in Kitchen Design: What Will Be The Next Big Thing?

Even at the concept stage of designing a kitchen, most people will have an idea of the colour scheme they want to work to

Rebecca Silburn | 23 August 2015
Which Wood is Good Wood?

Not all kitchen cabinets are created equal. Whilst most are preoccupied with the exterior of the cupboard, it’s the interior that is really important when it comes to quality.

Richard Davonport | 20 August 2015
The Importance of a Quality Cupboard Interior

It goes without saying that everyone wants lovely looking kitchen furniture why wouldn’t you? However too many people focus solely on the exterior, without considering the interior.

Rebecca Silburn | 20 August 2015
Kitchen Design; More Than Paint Colours and Gadgets

It’s easy to get swept up in aesthetic details when you are imagining your new kitchen. It’s so important to approach the kitchen design process bearing in mind your lifestyle, room size, practicalities and of course budget.

Richard Davonport | 08 July 2015
Social Media – Helping You Design Your Kitchen

Social media sites such as Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram can provide you with a fantastic source of inspiration in the initial stages of planning your kitchen project, as well as a helpful way to find relevant companies.

Rebecca Silburn | 15 June 2015
Inspiration For Curved Kitchens

From a curved tap to a round island, there’s a curved detail to suit any style of kitchen.

Rebecca Silburn | 26 May 2015
Experts In Curved Kitchen Cabinets

At Davonport we pride ourselves on producing premium quality curved cabinets using traditional methods combined with state of the art technology.

Richard Davonport | 26 May 2015
Extraction: The secret to a clean kitchen and odour-free home.

When designing a kitchen you tend to think of the cupboard style, colour palette and appliance wish list as the most important parts of the plan.

Rebecca Silburn | 14 May 2015
Kitchen Islands: Wow Features

Everyone wants their kitchen to be beautiful; after all, it’s where 60% of people spend over three hours a day , so of course it needs to be an aesthetically pleasing room. However, it also needs to be a practical space that’s easy to move around.

Richard Davonport | 26 April 2015
Kitchen Islands vs Peninsulas: The Low Down

For many, the fantasy of their dream kitchen isn’t complete without an island .

Rebecca Silburn | 17 April 2015
Bespoke Design for Smaller Kitchens

Many people wrongly assume that you need a large kitchen to enjoy all the benefits of bespoke design.

Rebecca Silburn | 01 April 2015
Storage: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Planning and designing a new kitchen can often seem like a daunting task.

Rebecca Silburn | 26 March 2015
Storage Solutions: Hideaway or Dare to Bare?

Storage is vital in any kitchen and getting it right can be a daunting task, as a well-stocked kitchen has so many things vying for precious cupboard and shelf space.

Rebecca Silburn | 19 March 2015
The Choice of design

Contemporary vs Traditional

Rebecca Silburn | 06 March 2015
Kitchen worktop choices

The way a kitchen looks and feels can be totally changed by the worktop finish

Richard Davonport | 17 February 2015
Have you decorated your kitchen ready for Christmas yet..?

Dark oak furniture and a slate floor made the room feel glo

Richard Davonport | 12 December 2014
Open Plan Kitchens

Open plan kitchens are becoming exceptionally popular in family homes

Richard Davonport | 06 December 2014
Heating & Cooking

At Davonport, one of the brands we love working with is Wolf, the reason being the exceptional quality and design of their products.

Richard Davonport | 01 December 2014
Cooling & Refrigeration

The latest 'must have' technology to seamlessly incorporate into your overall kitchen design

Richard Davonport | 24 November 2014
Boiling Tap Technology

Specialist taps are new kitchen must-have, due to the convenience and safety aspects, brands such as Quooker and Zip.

Richard Davonport | 18 November 2014
Choosing Material Colours

What should you consider when planning the kitchen, in terms of choosing materials that won’t fade in sunlight.

Richard Davonport | 10 November 2014
EKBB -Top Kitchen Designers Of Our Time

Great kitchen design lifts our spirits and that's important - after all, its the room at home that we tend to spend most of our time.

Richard Davonport | 01 November 2014
Contemporary With a Classic Twist

Contemporary with a classic twist is a theme we get asked for quite often at Davonport.

Richard Davonport | 01 November 2014
AGA Event 4th December

AGA Event - Join us at our Colchester Showroom Thursday 4th December

Richard Davonport | 24 October 2014