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No room for compromise: the Davonport seal of approval

Richard Davonport | 15 February 2017

Having built the Davonport name on a basis of unsurpassed quality for over two decades, the inherent superiority of a Davonport kitchen is found in the smallest intricacies. Hand crafting all Davonport kitchen cabinetry under one roof, behind our main showroom in Essex, enables us to keep total control over the level of expertise and attention to detail applied to each step of the process.

From timber and bark coming into the factory to beautifully finished cabinets being sent out for delivery – the quality of materials and craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to us. This starts with the raw materials; for example all our European Oak comes from France and Italy. This is because the plantations in France and Italy are subject to much more consistent weather conditions which in turn gives the soil a more balanced set of nutrients and therefore produces a consistent colour in the timber. In turn, the oak requires minimal staining and can be fully appreciated in its most natural state.

Once in our workshops, each piece of timber is expertly crafted to create the stunning bespoke kitchen cabinets and furniture we pride ourselves upon. We combine the latest technologies with time honoured cabinet making techniques to ensure the final product is something of truly unsurpassed quality. At various points in the manufacturing process we check the quality of each piece of furniture. Only once a kitchen has passed its final quality check does it receive a Davonport seal of approval. This small but tactile disc is applied to the top drawer in every Davonport kitchen as a symbol of the furniture’s quality and authenticity – a mark of our commitment to creating luxury kitchens without compromise.

If you’d be interested in seeing our workshops please contact us to book a tour as part of your initial consultation.

Q&A with Joanne Ward – Life in my Davonport kitchen

We love catching up with our clients to find out how they are settling into their new Davonport kitchens. Here we talk to Joanne about how her family are using the space.

Rebecca Silburn | 26 January 2018
Davonport wins British Design & Manufacturing Award

Davonport is thrilled to have been awarded the British Design & Manufacturing Award at The Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards

Rebecca Silburn | 15 January 2018