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Everything In Its Place – Planning the Perfect Pantry

Rebecca Silburn | 07 November 2017

With a rich heritage and distinctly British feel, the pantry has become something of an English kitchen icon. A well-designed pantry or larder can offer storage for a wide variety of products, from dried goods to fresh food and glassware to crockery. And with so many practical benefits, it's easy to forget the most influential reason for the pantry’s popularity; the sheer beauty of such an endearing piece of furniture.

Styles of pantry

So when it comes to planning the perfect pantry, just how do you do it? Well, the options involved in pantry and larder designs are vast and there’s plenty of room for personalisation. A stone shelf – often marble or granite – is a popular choice which harks back to the pantry’s origin with this shelf designed to help keep food items cool. Other optional features include vegetable crates, wicker baskets, and spice racks on the doors.

There are also options to consider in terms of how much of a statement you want to make in the room with your pantry. You might choose to integrate it into the cabinetry surrounding it, like in our Orford project (pictured above). Or if you’re looking to make more of a statement, perhaps consider a freestanding pantry or something even more visually striking like the distinctive corner pantry featured in our Hove Townhouse project (pictured below).

Themed pantry ideas

For many, the beauty of a pantry is its versatility, however, that doesn’t mean you have to treat your larder as a one stop shop for all your kitchen must haves. Some clients choose to ‘theme’ their pantry or larder, creating a counter-top breakfast pantry or ‘alchemy’ drinks cupboard, for example.

Bespoke finishing touches

The bottom half of a pantry is often used for storage of fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables and baked goods. Our handcrafted vegetable crate drawers allow airflow around the produce within, helping to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. We offer hand carved personalisation of drawers, chopping boards and vegetable crates so they are labelled with the foods your family most frequently enjoy. In the past we've personalised vegetable crates to read everything from 'treats & cheats' to 'Charlie's snacks'. We also offer to carve a family or house name above the pantry doors, to provide a truly bespoke and handcrafted finishing touch.

With so many options available, the key to planning the perfect pantry is simply working out how you want to use it and discussing this with your kitchen designer. One thing’s for sure, whether it’s a traditional Butler’s Pantry or a minimalist larder cupboard you’re looking for, this kitchen icon’s comeback is far from over.

Contact us today to talk to a designer about incorporating a pantry within your dream kitchen.

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