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Choosing Material Colours

Richard Davonport | 10 November 2014

Davonport kitchen in greys, with circular centre island

What should you consider when planning the kitchen, in terms of choosing materials that won't fade in sunlight.

Painted kitchen cabinetry has become increasingly popular as a way of putting an individual stamp on the kitchen. When it comes to selecting colours, as tempting as it can be to splash out on bold or outlandish tones, there are some factors to be considered carefully beforehand. The colour of the kitchen or cabinetry will be greatly affected by the light in the room - the way it falls and reflects off of the cabinets and walls. This means that it is important to work out the orientation of the room, as this impacts when the room will be exposed to the sunlight. Generally speaking, south facing kitchens can often take more flexibility with kitchen colours as they get the most sunlight. As a result, these kitchens can often take darker tones without making the overall room seem too heavy

Cream Davonport kitchen with prep sink on centre island

Dressed to impress: Styling your kitchen this festive season.

With the festive season just around the corner we’ve sought inspiration from the design team at Culinary Concepts to hear their tips for bringing the Christmas spirit into your home.

Rebecca Silburn | 16 November 2017
Sound and vision in the kitchen

With your kitchen space playing such a fundamental role in modern day life we truly believe it should be a room to enjoy and entertain in.

Rebecca Silburn | 16 November 2017