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Open Plan Kitchens

Richard Davonport | 06 December 2014

Open plan kitchen with L shaped island and central seating area

Open plan kitchens are becoming exceptionally popular in family homes the length and breadth of the country, with traditional formal dining rooms taking a back seat. This style of kitchen helpfully allows the entire family to congregate and socialise together in a space combining both cooking and dining areas, as well as additional, stylish living space.

Achieving the perfect open plan kitchen can be accredited to careful planning, considering the different functions within the room and ensuring it is planned in such a way that each of the functions are able to work alongside each other. An open plan space divided into cooking, eating and relaxing areas is perfectly suited to modern family lifestyles where the lines blur between informal entertaining, relaxing family dining and food preparation.

Granite surfaces in grey and cream Davonport kitchen

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