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Kitchen worktop choices

Richard Davonport | 17 February 2015

The way a kitchen looks and feels can be totally changed by the worktop finish. The colour and materials chosen dramatically impacts upon the final appearance of the room. With the kitchen being such an integral part of the home it is essential that you choose the right worktop for your room and your lifestyle.

Granite and Quartz are a popular choice. As a very hard wearing material it is perfect for family kitchens that are going to be well used and well loved. Not only is it durable but they are also heat resistant, making them perfect for use next to hobs. Coupled with this the maintenance of them is low, with no need for repeated staining. In order to retain the finish we advise you use vinegar based cleaning products, something as simple as windolene is very effective. The naturally striking appearance of granite is of course another huge benefit, giving a distinctive finish to your kitchen.

Large kitchen island including barrel unit

Wood is another material frequently used in our beautiful kitchens. Wood provides a sense of character, perfect in timeless style kitchens. Although it does require finishing, once finished, wood is a long lasting choice which ages beautifully. When looked after, a wooden worktop won’t look worn out or tired, instead the natural aging process of wood will enrich the feel of the kitchen. Another benefit of a wooden worktop is the feel of it. Unlike granite, it is warm to the touch. Water can sometimes be an issue with wooden surfaces and for this reason they are generally best avoided around the sink. However, if a wooden finish is desired in close proximity to water, Teak and Iroko are the best varieties to use as they have natural oils to repel water.

Corian is another option which has several unique benefits. It is highly family friendly due to its anti-bacterial nature. This allows the kitchen to be a space for you and your children alike; safe in the knowledge the surfaces are clean and hygienic. Corian also allows for vast colour choices. With a bespoke Davonport kitchen, an individual and distinctive worktop colour finish could add to the truly custom-built feel of the room. Although Corian is heat resistant to 250°C it is still best to use a trivet for saucepans in order to retain the stunning finish of your worktop. Corian is particularly well used around sinks, as it has no adverse effects when put in contact with water. It can also be moulded to form the sink itself, creating a seamless joint free worktop with a sleek finish

Ceramic work tops in different colours and patterns

Ceramic worktops are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Much like granite, ceramic is a very durable material. It is stain proof, heatproof and scratchproof making it a sensible option in family kitchens. Similarly to Corian it is a very hygienic material and is therefore a practical solution. In addition to being very functional, ceramic is also an aesthetically pleasing option. It is very thin, complementing a more contemporary style of kitchen.

As you can see the worktop material choice is a difficult decision to make. The purpose of your own personal kitchen must be well thought through as only you know what you really want to get out of your kitchen. In terms of aesthetics, all the materials discussed above are beautiful and when used in a Davonport kitchen they create exclusive, stunning finishes.

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