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The Choice of design

Rebecca Silburn | 06 March 2015

When redesigning the interior of someone’s home the list of considerations is immense. When we create a new range of furniture, it is important to understand how people live in and use their homes, so that intelligent choices can be made from the start and throughout the design process to create your perfect living space.

Functionality and form maybe a cliché, but there’s certainly truth in the saying; our highest priority is ensuring that our furniture is not only ergonomic, but looks beautiful. All our furniture is individually designed to fulfil your requirements whether working with your current kitchen layout or if you want to make a change to a living space. We fuse function with your choice of aesthetics, creating a design which is beautiful to look at and practical to work with. Our expert designers always work closely with you to come up with the perfect solution - sometimes on the way discovering a creative solution which you did not know was possible.

Curved islands

Our traditional kitchen designs have been widely respected for many years, and they have always been amongst our most popular designs. In keeping with modern trends, our designs are typically more ‘classical’ and ‘timeless’ rather than ‘traditional’ and ‘period’. This often results in a much warmer and comfortable interior space; using natural products to link with the architectural properties of your home and lifestyle. A classical design airs towards a softer palette of colours with contrasting accents of timber to add interest and texture, whilst blending seamlessly into your home.

With regards to contemporary style kitchen furniture, whilst minimalist forms and clean lines typically characterise it, our designs are far from clinical or sterile. The use of different and individual surface materials such as unique tactile veneers, softened matt lacquers, coloured acid etched glass, metal and stone gives our contemporary furniture a warm, refined and individual feel.

Classic Davonport kitchen with curved island

As all our kitchen furniture is bespoke and handmade, the reality is that there are a myriad of styles and directions that we can accommodate. From classic to modern, minimal to traditional, the only limit is your imagination. We have supplied our furniture and individual environments to many a discerning customer, designed to be as individual as You are. Feel free to contact us to book a consultation with one of our design consultants.

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