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The Importance of a Quality Cupboard Interior

Rebecca Silburn | 20 August 2015

It goes without saying that everyone wants lovely looking kitchen furniture why wouldn’t you? However too many people focus solely on the exterior, without considering the interior; no matter how beautiful the outside looks, a flimsy or badly fitted cupboard interior will quickly show its true colours.

Whereas many kitchen cupboards are made from standardsized pieces, at Davonport everything we make is bespoke . Therefore our cupboards are made individually. The interiors are the last thing to be designed as the overall size and shape of the complete cupboard will dictate the dimensions of the supporting inside.

To begin the process of making the cupboard carcass, we first create a virtual model of the cabinetry design using a computerised 3D modelling system such as CAD. This technology allows us to turn the measurements into an accurate template of the cupboard’s elements.

Once the measurements are confirmed, they are then fed into another computer system that formulates the cutting of the boards, including the mortise and tenon joints which make up the cabinet interior. Using software to arrange and section the wooden components reduces environmental impact by fitting as many pieces as possible to each board, ensuring minimal wastage.

The individual pieces are then processed through a fine lipping machine before being handcrafted together to form a cabinet that is later framed with a solid wood, which is also fitted by hand. This unique manufacturing process ensures that all Davonport cabinetry is of the highest quality; individual components are carefully designed to accommodate one another, producing a more stable interior that will stand the test of time.

The materials we use are always tailored to fit with the overall design. All boards are from a PEFC supplier (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), with interiors made using high quality melamine faced boards not chipboard like some cheaper models. This moisture resistant material lends itself particularly well to kitchen cupboard interiors because it is easy to clean and will not stain in the event of a food or drink spillage. An alternative and luxurious finish, should you want one, is a solid wooden veneer cabinet interior.

Solid wood frames, doors, and drawers are seamlessly fitted on to the interior, and shelving is lipped with a solid oak or walnut finish, depending on the colour scheme and design. A high quality heat and moisture resistant lacquer coating is added to all the boards and joinery components, to create a beautiful finish and reduce marking and scratching.

It isn’t always easy to spot a quality cabinet interior at first glance, but it should be an important consideration when choosing your kitchen design. A high quality interior will ensure the sustainability and longevity of your cupboards. If you would like some more information about cabinet interiors, please contact us.

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