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Why choose Perrin & Rowe?

Richard Davonport | 14 July 2016

Unparalleled quality, attention to detail and manufacturing in England – these are three of the most important aspects of the Davonport ethos and we endeavour to work with like-minded companies who share our passion for creating beautiful, ergonomic products.

One such company is luxury kitchen tap, sink and brassware manufacturer, Perrin & Rowe. The timeless, classic and quintessentially English style of many of their kitchen taps has made Perrin & Rowe a close partner for many years. Their heritage, manufacturing process and ethos is something we have huge respect for, and having visited Perrin & Rowe again recently we wanted to share with you why we are so proud to work with them.

Perrin & Rowe was founded in 1978 by Bob Perrin and Greg Rowe. Initially they worked as engineers and problem solvers creating brassware products for other companies. In 1991 they patented the triflow tap; the world’s first three way tap, providing hot, cold and filtered water from a single spout. Soon after, in 1993 Perrin & Rowe launched their own range of branded kitchen taps, sinks and accessories.

From there the business expanded substantially and in 2003 they moved to their current Rainham facility; the central hub of the business. In 2006 two further facilities were opened; one in Wolverhampton and another in Tamworth, keeping the entire manufacturing process in England. Steve Cole now runs it as a family business alongside his sons taking Perrin & Rowe from strength to strength, expanding its collections.

The manufacturing ethos behind the company is one of exceptional quality and the importance of British facilities where products are assembled and tested by hand. We pride ourselves on making all our furniture in England so it’s always exciting for us to work with companies who share this passion. We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the Rainham factory where every tap is put together by hand and then individually quality tested before being hand packaged and sent out for delivery.

Their attention to detail, British manufacturing and classic styles make Perrin & Rowe a popular choice in many of our projects. With a selection of traditional, contemporary and classic styles, their brassware is so timeless and versatile that it fits within a traditional country kitchen and industrial scheme alike; the perfect match for a bespoke kitchen.

For more information on choosing the right brassware for your kitchen please contact us.

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