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Our Journey

For over three decades, Davonport has been crafting exquisite, bespoke kitchen designs for a discerning clientele. Each project we undertake is a unique endeavour, driven by a singular ambition: to create an ideal space that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

Our journey began with Richard Davonport, a luxury cabinetmaker and designer, whose vision and craftsmanship laid the foundation for our brand. Nestled in the heart of East Anglia, our thriving workshop is home to a team of highly skilled craftsmen and expert designers. Together, we strive to create sublime, timeless kitchens and interiors that are exclusively tailored to your unique living style.

At Davonport, we believe in the power of originality and inspiration. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating a space that resonates with your lifestyle and personal taste. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled service, setting us apart in the industry.

Discover more about our journey, our values, and what makes Davonport unique.

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