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Custom Made Kitchens – Design Process

We frequently talk about our workshops and the manufacturing process behind a Davonport kitchen, so we thought it’s time to address the design process that comes before it. We understand the enormous importance of your kitchen and our simple design process honours this and promises to deliver you a beautiful bespoke kitchen, tailor made for you and your lifestyle.

mother and daughter preparing food in the kitchen

1 | Get To Know Your Style

It may sound simple but the first step in any kitchen design is for you to decide what you like. Go through our website, head over to our Instagram, Pinterest or Houzz profiles and have a good flick through our brochure. Gather ideas of what you like (and don’t like) to visualise what you’re looking for and which of our kitchen styles is most attractive to you. Of course, the best way to get to know our kitchens is to be in one, so we’d always advise visiting a Davonport showroom too.

floor plan

2 | Initial Design Consultation

Sitting down with your kitchen designer and discussing your project plans is the next step. We do this in our showroom with an Initial Design Consultation. This is a free of charge meeting where you’ll discuss what style of kitchen you’re drawn towards, how you plan to use your kitchen and importantly, the budget for your project. You can book an appointment for a design consultation here, they normally last around an hour.

If your project is part of a new build or an extension we ask you to bring your architects plans to this appointment. If your project is renovating an existing space then rough dimensions are useful at this stage, but your designer will visit your home to measure up following your showroom consultation.

dark color modern kitchen

3 | The Comprehensive Design

Following your design consultation, your designer will invite you back to the showroom to view your kitchen plans. We’ll show you 3-dimensional visuals of your Davonport kitchen to fully immerse you in your new space. We expect there will be some tweaks to be made, the design process is an open conversation between you and your designer, so don’t be afraid to tell us if you’d like us to amend your design. Assuming you want to move forward with your project, at this stage we request a commitment fee.

Once the commitment fee is paid you’ll receive our comprehensive design service, this includes:

  • Furniture/layout design amendments. We want you to be totally happy with your new kitchen, so we’ll work with you on the design of the space until you’re fully satisfied and it’s ready to be sent off to our production team ahead of manufacture.
  • Guaranteed production slot. We will book a slot with our workshops to handcraft your kitchen. This enables us to get to work on organising the installation, ensuring it’s at the most convenient time for you.
  • Plumbing and electrical plans. We’ll draw up and release your plumbing and electrical plans and liaise with any other tradespeople you have working on the project.
  • Finalise the design. With the layout and cabinetry confirmed, it’s time to finalise the finer points such as colour scheme, tile choices and worktop options. We offer a full interior design package ensuring your new kitchen comes together as a full room rather than just cabinets.

With your kitchen commissioned and in production it’s over to our workshops, but that’s a whole other story…

classic island kitchen design
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