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Our Workshops: Where the Best Handmade Kitchens Are Made

Davonport’s rich history is the reason we place so much importance on our workshops and the intricate process each and every cabinet goes through in its production. We combine traditional cabinet making techniques with state of the art technologies in order to produce premium quality furniture in our workshops on the Suffolk/Essex border. In 2017 we were awarded the British Design and Manufacturing Award, recognising our commitment to quality, British craftsmanship.

man carrying a wood

The aesthetics of a cabinet are of course important but it’s the interior of our cupboards which give them the strength and longevity that we pride ourselves upon. In order to create a cupboard to last a lifetime we use tried and tested methods as standard, for example mortise and tenon joints in our cabinets and doors as well as dovetail joints on the corners of every drawer box.

man cleaning the ladder

Only after a piece of furniture has passed our rigorous quality checks does it receive a Davonport seal of approval – a small metal disc applied to Davonport hand crafted kitchens as a symbol of authenticity and a promise of our unbeatable quality. We feel so strongly about the quality of our product that we offer a lifetime guarantee* on all our cabinetry installed by Davonport.


We are incredibly proud of our workshops in Colchester, Essex, within which every piece of Davonport furniture is handmade for hand crafted kitchens. We will happily give you a guided tour of the manufacturing process; from timber and bark all the way through to complete hand crafted kitchens cupboards packaged for delivery. We invite you to visit our Colchester workshops as it’s only then that our passion for creating bespoke furniture can truly be appreciated.

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