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Are blue kitchens still a trend?

Blue kitchens have been a firm favourite for several years now but as we look towards kitchen trends for 2024, will blue still feature on the ‘must have’ list?

Blue kitchen

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As a colour, blue has been so universally popular for two main factors. One – there is a wide range of tempting shades to pick from. Blue covers everything from inky blue/black through to navy and pastel shades, so there is a lot of choice depending on personal preference. Secondly – blue works across both traditional and modern cabinetry meaning there are more homeowners seeking the colour out.

Even so, after being popular for a while now, does that mean it won’t feature in 2024?

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Dark blue kitchens are dramatic and sophisticated in equal measure. Adding depth to any space, this luxe shade is incredibly versatile: think of it as a little black dress that can be styled up or down.

Because of its versality, a dark blue kitchen is not a fad or colour that will go out of style. Pairing blue and shaker cabinetry is one way to give your kitchen timeless appeal that will be stylish 15 years later…or more!

Another reason blue is still proving popular is our love of brass and aged brass. When it comes to choosing hardware for kitchens, these two metal finishes are miles ahead of any other choices. Our love of brass took hold in the last decade as a way of rebelling against stark white interiors that had a strong hold within interiors. Blue and brass together is just a winning combination.

The reason it keeps appearing is that it’s a great winning choice for that impact of colour and drama that’s just enough drama in a home without going overboard. But it’s not unsafe either.

As with all trends, they do evolve. While navy has been a primary focus, for 2024 blues won’t be as dark. This shift reflects on a desire for moderation, balance, and unintrusive energy within their home.

However, one thing is for sure….blue in the kitchen is here to stay.

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