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10 benefits of adding an orangery kitchen extension to your home

The vast majority of us have experienced some degree of pressure on our living spaces over the past 12 months or so. In combination with a number of other supporting factors, the desire to improve and add to our homes has been driving demand for different types of building extensions.

One area of the market that is experiencing significant demand is the glazed extensions sector – or, in more everyday language: orangeries, conservatories and garden rooms. 

To get some expert advice, we have turned to David Salisbury, designers and manufacturers of these types of structures, to find out why an orangery works so well when designed as a kitchen extension.

As a bespoke manufacturer, David Salisbury is asked to design extensions to suit a wide variety of styles of property. From a functional perspective, the majority of these orangeries are designed to integrate a larger kitchen. Perhaps the most common design brief is to increase the footprint of a home, to provide space for a bigger kitchen and an open plan living area.

The design characteristics of an orangery, which has a solid perimeter flat roof, often with a central roof lantern to let in light, means they can be ideally designed to handle the demands of modern kitchens.

Lighting, extraction, ventilation and audio visual are just some of the features that can be incorporated into the design of a bespoke orangery kitchen extension. ere are 10 benefits of adding this type of orangery to your home:

1. Bringing natural light into your home

An orangery will bring increased natural light into even the darkest of properties. Natural light is good for our physical health and mental well-being, whilst also reducing our energy consumption.

2. Indoor/outdoor living

Throw open bi-fold doors or French doors and experience the joy of a seamless link between your house and garden, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Biophilic design also allows you to bring the outside in, a concept connecting buildings to the natural environment through the use of natural materials, interior plants and nature-inspired design.  

3. Closer to nature

The pandemic and various lockdowns have changed our relationship with nature, with many of us placing more importance on fresh air and greenery. An orangery with its generous all-around glazing means you can be closer to your garden and views of nature, whatever the weather or time of year.

4. Adding value 

Not only does an orangery add important additional space, it will also add significant value to your property – anywhere between 5% – 15% of your property’s value. Of course, this largely depends on the extension itself; opting for high quality materials and working with a trusted brand will put you at the higher end of the spectrum.

5. Flexible living

The open plan living area that an orangery kitchen extension provides is the type of ‘multi-functional’ living space many of us have needed as a result of the pandemic. Being able to supervise home working whilst preparing a meal or setting up your workspace in a nice, airy space are all benefits that come with an orangery.

6. Bespoke stylish designs

Working with a natural material like timber opens up endless design possibilities. A rustic, oak framed orangery is quite the opposite of painted timber in a contemporary grey finish, which gives a modern look to what is a traditional building material.

7. Why move when you can add more space? 

Many of us are choosing to improve rather than move for more space. With the challenge of finding a desirable new property, let alone successfully purchasing it, adding an orangery is often the least stressful way to create that additional space. The past year or so has seen us rely on our homes in more ways. The need for more living space to accommodate home working or schooling means our homes must work harder to meet our needs, and an orangery kitchen extension can help you achieve this.

8. Creating an entertaining space

An open plan orangery kitchen extension is perhaps the perfect space to entertain friends and family, with the merging of indoor and outdoor spaces catering for most occasions, whether that’s a dinner party with family, a cup of tea with a friend, or somewhere warm to retreat to when a summer barbeque approaches evening.

9. Often planning permission is not required

Whilst we would always recommend seeking some expert advice, you often don’t need to worry about planning permission if the orangery is designed to meet the criteria of “permitted development”, which is a national grant that allows certain building works to be carried out without having to make a planning application.

10. Luxurious appearance for your home

Lastly, we perhaps all need to indulge ourselves, now more so than ever. An orangery kitchen extension will provide a luxurious additional space that will become your favourite room at home.

David Salisbury is a company manufacturing and installing top of the range hardwood conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries for both residential and commercial use for over 30 years.

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