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Kitchen & Home Ideas & Inspiration

Ways to make an open plan kitchen feel more homely

Kitchens that are designed as part of larger open-plan layouts can be more challenging to make feel cosy. We take inspiration from real Davonport projects to explore how to make spacious kitchens feel more inviting and homely.
green soup

Healthy homemade soup recipes

When the seasons begin to change, there's something quite comforting about a bowl of warm soup for lunch or supper. Packed full of vegetables and nutritional goodness, we’ve found some delicious homemade soup recipes that will be sure to help…

Kitchens for a Multigenerational Home

A ‘multi-generational’ kitchen is the official term that is being used within the kitchen industry for family kitchens specifically designed to suit the needs of different generations who are living together in the same home. According to KBB review a…

matt green kitchen island

Bespoke kitchen storage solutions

When you invest in a bespoke kitchen it is not just the exterior that you are investing in. A bespoke kitchen company worth their salt will be just as focused on the functionality of the room, and by this we…

Incorporating glass into your kitchen design

Architects and designers are all focused on maximising the amount of light within buildings. From carefully considered colour choices, ergonomic furniture designs and the combination of materials used, creating the feeling of space is key. Colour trends are forever changing,…

Beetroot & halloumi salad with pomegranate and dill

Mouth-watering summer recipes

At long last, the summer has arrived, and after another year of restrictions due to Covid-19, alfresco dining with family and friends is just the tonic that we need. BBQs are the obvious go to for summer gatherings, but there…

Inspiring interiors in Essex

As a designer and manufacturer of luxury bespoke kitchens, we are often asked by clients if we can replicate styles from interiors that they have visited or seen online. Venues such as pubs, hotels and wine bars are usually the…

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