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decorating kitchen for Christmas

Deck the Halls and Prep the Pans: Getting Your Kitchen Christmas-Ready!

The festive season is well and truly upon us, which means that our houses often…

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kitchens in summertime

How to prepare your kitchen for summer entertaining

There are plenty of things you can do to prepare your kitchen for lazy summer evenings as you entertain friends and family. While some are smaller than others, there are several ways you can add a little luxury to your…

Sustainability in kitchen design

Sustainability in kitchen design

For many homeowners, sustainability in kitchen design is now an important factor when choosing how to renovate or furnish their own home. Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport, explains: “When it comes to a sustainable kitchen, it isn’t just about…

Farmhouse kitchen

Designing a farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen design remain eternally popular due in part to its cosy, warm and inviting feeling that it evokes when you’re in the space. It is also simple and unpretentious – think soft colour palettes, shaker-style cabinetry and exposed natural…

Kitchen island seating

How to design the perfect kitchen island

With 75% of UK adults preferring to socialise at home with their friends, rather than out in a restaurant or pub, it is no wonder that homeowners are seeking ways to make their kitchens, and in particular their kitchen islands,…

Richard Davonport

Get to know: Richard Davonport, Managing Director

Name: Richard Davonport Job title: Managing Director How long have you worked at Davonport: Since we opened in 1993 What does your job entail at Davonport? And what does your typical day look like? As the MD at Davonport, my…

bespoke kitchen

Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

Choosing a bespoke kitchen means that it is designed for you. You get to have control over everything, from the biggest to the smallest of details. From cabinetry to appliances, to colour (or several colours), bespoke island shapes and sizes…

Designing a new kitchen

Things to consider when designing a new kitchen

There are several things you need to consider when designing a new kitchen, and our guide should help provide you with guidance and tips. When it comes to designing your new kitchen, it is always best to use the services…

healthy food cooked in Miele’s microwave steam oven

Upgrade Your Cooking Experience with a Miele Steam Oven

As a luxury kitchen retailer, we’re very choosy about the appliance partners we work with, carefully selecting them for their functionality, technology, durability and reliability. When it comes to steam oven manufacturers, we believe that Miele are one of the…

gauge of excellence competition

Davonport names ‘Gauge of Excellence’ award winner 2023

Our ‘Gauge of Excellence’ competition ran for a second year in February, where students from Colchester Institute’s Furniture Production Course were invited to take part in a challenge set by our Managing Director, Richard. Six students originally took part, where they…

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