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Holkham | slight but perfectly formed

You don’t have to have a huge space to create your dream bespoke kitchen, as Simon and Rebecca, found out when they approached Davonport to design their new kitchen.


Cashmere and Green kitchen


The couple decided to extend their existing kitchen an additional 1.5 meters by 6 meters, incorporating a single-story extension that opens the space to their garden. This expansion not only enhances the kitchen’s functionality but also strengthens its connection with the outdoor environment, creating a more open and inviting area.


Looking into a kitchen from the outside


Residing in West Mersea, Simon and Rebecca were already familiar with Davonport’s reputation for excellence in their vicinity. Their visit to the Davonport Showroom in Colchester solidified their decision to choose the Holkham style of furniture for their kitchen renovation. The Holkham’s minimalist and refined design perfectly aligned with their vision, making it the selected cabinetry for their new kitchen space.


Kitchen Island With Downdraft Hob


In response to the couple’s desire for a light, airy space conducive to socializing, and one that naturally complements the room’s contours, they selected Davonport’s Deep Moss colour for their kitchen island. This choice not only provided a striking contrast with the kitchen’s other elements, which were finished in Davonport’s Satchel Grey painted finish, but also subtly integrated aspects of their beautiful garden into the interior design. The Deep Moss hue served as a vibrant focal point, harmoniously blending with the kitchen’s overall aesthetic while enhancing its connection to the outdoors.


Looking out Past the kitchen into the Garden


Located at the heart of the kitchen, the island not only offers seating for four with its integrated breakfast bar but also enhances the social aspect of the space. Equipped with a Miele 2-in-1 downdraft hob, it allows for engaging with guests while preparing meals. This configuration transforms the kitchen into a dynamic and welcoming environment, where cooking and socialising seamlessly blend.


Image of Miele 2in1 Downdraft Hob with Miele Ovens in background


To combine the existing kitchen space with the new extension, Davonport designed a dropped ceiling directly above the island, mirroring its shape. This design choice not only bridges the kitchen areas but also conceals the integral RSJ beam that separates the extension from the main building. The ceiling box incorporates warm, halo-style task lighting and pendant lighting, enhancing the kitchen’s ambiance and providing a seamless look.


Image of Ceiling Box above kitchen island


The installation of an oven bank between an existing chimney breast and staircase was a clever utilisation of an otherwise unused space. This strategic placement allowed for a seamless integration into the kitchen’s design, providing a functional cooking area without encroaching on the room’s available space. The addition of ceiling infills further enhanced the integrated appearance of the cabinetry to the room, contributing to a polished and cohesive look throughout the kitchen.


Miele Ovens in Fitted Cabinetry


Positioned along the back wall behind the sink, the selection of an antique effect mirrored splashback enhances the kitchen’s sense of space. This design choice not only amplifies light throughout the area but does so with a subtle elegance, contributing to a more expansive and inviting atmosphere.


Image of Sink Area With Antique Mirror behind


In crafting a kitchen that truly catered to the family’s lifestyle, we had the opportunity to tailor bespoke storage solutions specifically to their needs. For instance, we ingeniously incorporated a series of drawers within a cupboard, designated for storing vegetables, among other dry storage items. This bespoke approach ensured that every aspect of the kitchen’s functionality was meticulously considered and executed to enhance daily living.


Dry Food Storage Drawers Within a Cabinet


To make the most of an unconventional space between two doors, we crafted a custom pantry cupboard that seamlessly integrates into the kitchen design. This unit is not only a storage powerhouse with its combination of drawers, pantry shelves, and a dedicated area with a marble cold shelf for breakfast prep, but it also helps define the kitchen’s zones. The strategic placement of the pantry ensures that multiple people can work without the space feeling overcrowded.


Davonport Breakfast Pantry With Drawers And Cold Shelf

Bespoke Davonport Cutlery Insert

“The beauty of working with a kitchen designer such as Davonport, is that we can get the very best out of the space and ensure that attention to detail is given at every stage.” Explains Simon

Bespoke Davonport Cutlery Insert
Bespoke Davonport Cutlery Insert
Davonport Breakfast Pantry With Drawers And Cold Shelf
Dry Food Storage Drawers Within A Cabinet
Image Of Sink Area With Antique Mirror Behind
Miele Ovens In Fitted Cabinetry
Image Of Ceiling Box Above Kitchen Island
Image Of Miele 2in1 Downdraft Hob With Miele Ovens In Background
Looking Out Past The Kitchen Into The Garden
Kitchen Island With Downdraft Hob
Looking Into A Kitchen From The Outside
Cashmere And Green Kitchen
Knife Storage
Bespoke Davonport Cutlery InsertDavonport Breakfast Pantry With Drawers And Cold ShelfDry Food Storage Drawers Within A CabinetImage Of Sink Area With Antique Mirror BehindMiele Ovens In Fitted CabinetryImage Of Ceiling Box Above Kitchen IslandImage Of Miele 2in1 Downdraft Hob With Miele Ovens In BackgroundLooking Out Past The Kitchen Into The GardenKitchen Island With Downdraft HobLooking Into A Kitchen From The OutsideCashmere And Green KitchenKnife Storage
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