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How to choose the right cabinetry style for your kitchen

Whether you flick through the pages of a popular home magazine title or scroll through the kitchen feeds of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, it is evident that timeless handmade-style kitchens are a popular choice with UK homeowners.

It is unsurprising as shaker-style cabinetry suits most properties and can be personalised to reflect individual taste and style with colours and infinite choices of hardware.

As a designer and manufacturer of bespoke kitchens, we can make any style of furniture. However, after creating luxury handmade kitchens for several decades, a range of cabinet styles that have proved popular with our discerning clients, has naturally evolved. In this blog, we look at our most popular kitchen furniture styles to help you find the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your home.

1. Tillingham

The Tillingham style is arguably Davonport’s signature kitchen, and its popularity is well deserved. This shaker style kitchen places its emphasis on quality and simplicity, the aesthetics are uncluttered and natural making it equally well suited to a period property as a new build. Softened with curved edges and a subtle bead, it is a touch more elegant than our other shaker styles. Hand painted in softer hues, the look is classic and discreet, introduce a bolder colour palette and the Tillingham kitchen takes on a more contemporary edge. 

The Tillingham pantry, circular chopping block and over mantel are particularly popular features of the classic kitchen style; subtly creating a sense of grandeur in its most unassuming form.

2. Audley

Our Audley kitchen is a charming style with a distinctly Edwardian feel. It looks heavier and bolder than its simplistic shaker style counterparts, perhaps even slightly architectural. However, it maintains a feeling of informality and freshness; perfectly incorporating period inspired design into twenty-first century homes.

3. Mersea

Inspired by the coastal setting of Mersea Island within the river Blackwater, Essex, our Mersea kitchen style combines contemporary design elements with natural materials including wood, glass, and stone, embodying the landscape and brining an organic feel to the style. Synergy between kitchen design and natural living is achieved by the Mersea kitchen, hence its uncomplicated design ethos and emphasis on ergonomics above aesthetics. 

4. Holkham

Simplicity and pared back style are at the core of our Holkham kitchen – the epitome of classic shaker design. With a similar design ethos to our Mersea collection, the Holkham’s uncomplicated design and focus on simplicity, makes it a perfect fit for smaller kitchens. The door style of the Holkham is designed with narrow rails and styles and a simplified surrounding frame in order to retain the inherent elegance and poise of pared back design. The beauty of the Holkham is its furniture itself and how you choose to style it. Its classic shaker style lends itself to bold colour schemes, statement tiles and aged metal hardware. Though not adorned with the mouldings and added details of some of our more intricate styles, the Holkham is not to be underestimated.

5. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is our nod to eclectic, industrial kitchen design. Available with or without a bead detail on the frame, the slab door and use of wired glass introduces a raw urban edge, not often associated with Davonport. Stripped back and purposefully lacking the polished feel of our classic styles, the Shoreditch kitchen is electric and unapologetically industrial. Paired with aged metal hardware and a mix of timber or stone worktops, the proportions of the Shoreditch kitchen make it particularly well suited to townhouses, loft apartments and smaller rooms. Whether your kitchen is a space for family, the enjoyment of cooking or simply for the pleasure of being, Shoreditch achieves all.

Ultimately the style of your kitchen is a personal choice, but at Davonport our designs also take into consideration the age and period of the property. Take a look at our client journeys to see more of our kitchen styles.

If you are planning a new kitchen and would like to discuss your project in more detail, contact us to arrange a design consultation with one of our expert designers, or if you are looking for more kitchen inspiration follow us on Instagram @davonport_interiors.

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