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Crittall Windows – enhancing a bespoke kitchen with steel windows and doors

At Davonport, we’re delighted to be able to work with suppliers of some of the highest quality appliances and products from the world of kitchens. With that in mind, we’re putting a spotlight on some of our best-loved suppliers, their products and the amazing work they do.

This week we spoke with Russell Ager, Managing Director at Crittall Windows.

1. For the uninitiated, please give us some background on Crittall Windows.

Founded nearly 200 years ago, Crittall Windows is the original steel window manufacturer and leader in design evolution.

With its premises based in Witham, Essex, Crittall Windows manufactures steel windows, doors and interior screens. Pioneering technical and aesthetic improvements in windows and doors Crittall uses a blend of cutting edge technology and hand finishing by expert craftsmen enabling the delivery of tailor-made products with the narrowest of sightlines to enhance the value of any property.

2. What’s new at Crittall Windows at the moment, or what are you just about to launch?

Fire rated doors are the latest addition to the iconic Innervision range of interior steel screens and doors. Fully tested to British Standards with enhanced testing at Crittall’s state of the art on-site testing facilities, in addition to a 30 minute integrity rating for additional peace of mind. An expansive range of permissible hardware and glazing options are available to suit any space to deliver enhanced security without aesthetic compromise.

3. What are your best selling products currently and why do you think they are so popular?

Innervision internal screens are going from strength to strength, particularly with more people now working from home.

These beautiful screens and doors allow seamless transition of light in any space with their slim, minimalist profiles offering maximum light transfer. Beautifully crafted walls of glazing can be created in any colour and their acoustic properties make the screens great for partitioning kitchens, dining rooms or sitting rooms to partition a space for an office. Letting more light into the home can improve your cognitive function, mood and productivity with the screens offering privacy without compromising light or aesthetics.

With an elegant yet industrial look, Innervision products align perfectly with other Crittall products such as Corporate W20 windows and doors, creating a timeless, versatile, stylishly creative look and are available with hinged or sliding doors.

Every Crittall product is bespoke for the required space and an extensive colour range allows any colour from the more contemporary black and shades of grey to lighter, pastel hues to lighten and brighten the home.

4. Aside from great products, what else should people know about Crittall Windows?

Customers like to be reassured that products are produced from sustainable materials and the end product is energy efficient, with exceptional life expectancy. Steel is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet; it can be recycled and reused continuously. At Crittall our means of manufacture and standard business practices are also designed to reduce energy consumption from the addition of solar panels to the factory roof to the installation of energy efficient LED lighting to halve energy consumption and improve light levels. We have also introduced electric hybrid vehicles to the company fleet.
We operate an ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System, part of which involves setting targets for reducing energy consumption, eliminating waste and recycling materials with the ultimate objective of creating a closed loop manufacturing process. Crittall products are made from 100% recycled steel and manufactured by a skilled workforce using a range of state of the art techniques from CNC cutting to artisan hand finishing.

5. What Crittall Windows products do you have in your own home?

I have an InnerVision® steel screen to divide our living room space and open plan kitchen / dining area. The screen allows us to separate rooms while maintaining a high level of light transmission, as well as providing a statement piece that friends and family remark on. On a personal level, I am passionate about Crittall and our products – it’s a source of great pride to have our products in my home.

6. Tell us about the style of your own kitchen…

We opted for solid wood cabinets with the low level doors in grey and the upper doors in wood grain. We decided on flat facing doors for a minimalist feel, while for the worktops we chose grey granite. The kitchen is set out in a ‘U’ shape around a large island that houses an induction hob and extraction in the centre.

7. What one improvement would you make to it if you could?

I would love to incorporate a wine cooler. We considered it when designing our current layout but decided against it – I regret the decision every time I have to decide in advance which wine I want to cool for dinner!

8. Which product from another supplier could you not live without in your own kitchen?

Our NEFF induction hob, it looks fantastic, is infinitely controllable, and so easy to clean. We couldn’t imagine cooking on anything else.

9. When homeowners install a new kitchen, what do you think is one of the biggest mistakes they make and how could it be avoided?

A new kitchen is a big investment so taking the time to think it through thoroughly, with planning and design advice. The kitchen is the heart of the home and needs to be a light-filled, enjoyable space that allows all the family to use and congregate, particularly around mealtimes. The incorporation of a window, door, or screen from Crittall Windows will help to create dedicated zones while still allowing plenty of natural light to flow throughout the room.

10. What’s your favourite Davonport kitchen and why?

My favourite designs are Davonport’s classic kitchens that include a contemporary twist, such as the Tillingham. These are timeless and elegant which is exactly the look we love and would tie in beautifully with our Crittall screen.

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