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Davonport names ‘Gauge of Excellence’ award winner 2023

Our ‘Gauge of Excellence’ competition ran for a second year in February, where students from Colchester Institute’s Furniture Production Course were invited to take part in a challenge set by our Managing Director, Richard.

Six students originally took part, where they were able to put into practice all their skills and knowledge. Richard set them the task of building a structure with several complicated wood working joints using only hand tools, with Nathan Usher being crowned the ‘Gauge of Excellence’ winner.

gauge of excellence competitionNathan was presented with a handmade trophy, designed and made by Richard from a mortice gauge that he himself used as an apprentice. He also received £250 in prize money which has kindly been donated by HAFELE, who sponsored this year’s competition.

Richard judged the competition, ensuring that the final pieces were the correct size, that all the joints held together and that there is a good finish on the final piece. These are all the areas we look for when we are designing and making our kitchens within our professional workshop.

Gauge of excellence awardThe ‘Gauge of Excellence’ competition is just one way in which we work closely with Colchester Institute. This year, we’ll be building on the relationship further by continuing our factory tours with the college students to help show them what is expected from employers once they have finished their course and are moving into the professional world.

“Davonport continually offers support and guidance to our students, as well as offering several apprenticeship opportunities each year.

“The ‘Gauge of Excellence’ competition is a highlight for many of our students, and it really helps to support and engage them in their studies. It is valuable to us as tutors to be able to work closely with local employers to develop our curriculum so that it develops a workforce with skills required by industries.”

Chris Coe, Area Head for Wood Occupations at Colchester Institute

The competition was kindly sponsored by HAFELE. 


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