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Davonport’s Design Details: Curving back around – curved kitchen designs


In bespoke kitchen design, curves are often used to help soften schemes, as well as sometimes being
the best solution for the space. In recent times linear style kitchens have become a more popular
choice than kitchens with curves.

However, just like fashion, interior trends come back around too. You only need to see the heavily
patterned wallpaper and tiles that are filling the interior feeds on social media to see that what we
not so long ago thought of as dated, is now en vogue.

In this blog we look at the different ways curves have been incorporated into recent Davonport
kitchen projects.

1. Banquette Seating


Banquette seating on a kitchen island can be integrated in both linear and non-linear shapes.
The curved bench seat softens the end of the otherwise rectangle-shaped island and provides
additional seating in this open plan family kitchen.


2. A circular bar addition 


In this Audley project the large island incorporates a semi-circle bar addition in solid oak with
seating for up to 4 people. The circular shape of the bar helps to add visual interest to the
rectangular kitchen design.


3. Feature chopping block addition 


Our signature Tillingham kitchen style includes a circular chopping block cabinet addition in solid oak
or walnut. This creates a more interesting, shaped island, and helps to incorporate natural
texture/material into the room.

5. Curved islands

In this Tillingham kitchen the focal point of the room is a large island unit that on two sides follows
the geometric lines of the walls and on the other, gives way to a stylish curved, banquette seating

6. Curved cabinetry

Finally, the most prominent curves are of course those created with the actual cabinetry. In
both Davonport kitchens above the wall unit runs on a curve, framing the islands elegantly.

If you are planning a new kitchen, why not contact us to arrange a design consultation with one of
our expert designers? A complete Davonport kitchen starts from £40,000.

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