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Dressed to Impress – Styling Your Kitchen This Festive Season

With the festive season just around the corner we’ve sought inspiration from the design team at Culinary Concepts to hear their tips for bringing the Christmas spirit into your home.

Versatile and multifunctional, the kitchen is an integral part of every living space and a beautiful and well-designed kitchen can become the heart and soul of any home. A fantastic entertaining space, particularly open plan layouts, kitchens can really come into their own as we move into the festive party season and the lead up to Christmas.

With just a few weeks left until the big day, we over at Culinary are particularly feeling the seasonal cheer, which is why I am here to give you a quick guide to styling your interior this season. We’ve got some great ideas to add that finishing touch to your kitchen to really wow your guests and keep on trend throughout the holiday season.

Getting festive with your kitchen interior is easier than ever this year. Whether you are looking for small accent pieces or something bigger to make a statement, there are lots of different ways to incorporate Christmas throughout your home.

For a simple but effective way of adding a festive element to your kitchen, bring in some baubles! Not just for the tree, hang them from cupboard or draw handles for a dispersed pop of Christmas, or why not showcase them in a decorative bowl where you can mix and match designs to create a truly eye-catching display.

Featured in photo: Cassius Bowls, Antique Black Gold Crest Bauble, Pearl Beaded Artichoke Bauble, Pearl and Gem Acorn Bauble, Antique Silver Acorn Bauble, Comet Gold Beaded Star, Sequin and Pearl Beaded Tear Drop Bauble.

As kitchens can be a busy hub of the home with lots going on, especially when cooking and entertaining, another great way to incorporate seasonal décor into your interior is by utilising windows as a fantastic place to present your holiday home additions. Whether you hang them with elegant ribbon or rustic string or arrange them across the window sill, the natural light coming through during the day and the contrasting backdrop as the evening draws in, will really make your decorations pop. Our Bling Ball hanging decoration is perfect for this – a gorgeous decoration with gem and tiny beaded detailing and a mirrored finish will catch and reflect light beautifully, making a stunning addition to your interior.

Featured in photo: Bling Ball Hanging Decoration (available to purchase through Davonport)

Candlelight and Christmas go hand in hand with one another; the warm glow helps to spread seasonal cheer wherever it is found and is wonderful for creating a festive ambience around your kitchen and home. Tea lights are an ideal way to bring candle light into your interior, being easy to dot around or group together to make an illuminating display.

Featured in photo: Marrakesh Tea Light Holders.

Lanterns are also an excellent way to bring candlelight into your home as ornamental additions by the fireplace, a window or as a table centerpiece. Our Station Lanterns will integrate into your interior gorgeously, and with a range of options on how to style them, be it with candles, plants, lantern fillers, fairy lights or anything else you can imagine, they are a wonderful addition to any décor.

Featured in photo: Station Lanterns (available from Davonport)

As party season is well and truly upon us, now is the time to make sure that your home, and even more importantly your kitchen, is well stocked and prepared for your celebrations. Drinks trollies are a great way of showcasing the tipple of the evening as well as creating a space to display glasses and other bar paraphernalia.  Our Dorchester Drinks Trolley with two tiers provides just that. A stylish way to present your party offerings, this mobile trolley transportable to anywhere around the home, is the perfect accompaniment to your soiree ensuring you can keep the drinks flowing and the atmosphere buzzing.

Featured in photo: Left: Dorchester Drinks Trolley (available from Davonport), Palace Wine Cooler. Right: Hammered Champagne flutes, Palace Tray.

Keeping bottles chilled is always essential whatever the occasion, especially when it comes to bubbly! Let our Ascot Coolers keep your fizz at the ideal temperature whilst also becoming a chic centerpiece to your drinks table or area. Chill up to four bottles at the same time with this modern yet effortlessly timeless piece.

Featured in photo: Large Elephant Ascot Wine Cooler.

The final finishing touches to an interior can really add a special something, a certain je ne sais quoi that can make for a truly impressive space and teaming up the stunning design of a Davonport kitchen with beautiful products from us at Culinary Concepts will absolutely achieve that result!

The Davonport showroom now stocks a variety of  Culinary Concepts products, including a range of Christmas decorations. Visit us today to view the full range.

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