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Guest Blog by Sub-Zero & Wolf – Design Flexibility

As the heart of the home, you need your kitchen to be dynamic; not only should it look good and be able to cater for any situation, but it should also be highly functional. With bespoke wooden kitchen furniture looking beautiful and performing outstandingly, it’s only right that your kitchen appliances should do the same. Fitting the bill perfectly, performance, innovation, customer service and reliability are non-negotiable for luxury appliance brands Sub-Zero & Wolf but design options, well, that’s another story. Whether your dream kitchen is the rustic ideal; cutting edge contemporary, or a more classic, transitional style, Sub-Zero & Wolf blend beautifully with any design you can dream of.

Sub-Zero refrigeration not only offers space age food preservation by virtue of its Air Purification System, based on technology developed for NASA, to remove odours, bacteria and ethylene gases, which all hasten spoilage of fresh foods but the wide range of configurations and models available, as either free-standing, built-in or fully integrated, ensures that any kitchen design is elevated simply by their inclusion.

The Sub-Zero Dual Compressor system, included in every combined refrigerator/freezer model, is another innovation that ensures superior food preservation. By keeping the air in the freezer separate at all times from the air in the refrigerator, even temperatures and ideal humidity levels are maintained, reducing spoilage, extending the life of fresh and frozen foods and even ensuring ice remains pure and untainted from any odours which might have been picked up from the refrigerator, as is often the case on single compressor units.

Wine storage units, all designed to combat the four main enemies of wine: heat, light, humidity and vibration, are available in a range of widths and sizes from under-counter models that fit beautifully within a kitchen island or perhaps a study or pool area, to full height models, perfect for the kitchen, dining or media room. Whether free-standing, fully integrated, or in stainless steel, the design options are many and the specification high.

Dual glazed, bronze tinted UV protected glass doors ensure that sunlight doesn’t damage your valuable collection. Dual evaporators and microprocessors ensure temperatures won’t fluctuate and ideal humidity levels are maintained. An insulated compressor prevents your fine wine’s sediment becoming unsettled, as do the roller-glide, rust-proof, cherry faced shelves which gently cradle your bottles. A new wine inventory/labelling system is now available on many models to help you elegantly manage your collection.

So that’s a quick look at cooling, but what about cooking? Well this is where Wolf offers a myriad of design possibilities, from range cookers with a choice of 10 different sizes and surface configurations with a choice of three different colours of control knob, to a series of wall ovens, steam ovens, coffee systems, cooktops and ventilation, each available in three different design options: contemporary, professional and transitional.

With Wolf, control and power are everything, from the highest searing heat, to the merest breath of flame. Even heat distribution with no hotspots ensure perfect results every time; all contained in a choice of finishes to complement your interior, no matter what look you wish to achieve.

Team a coffee system with a convection steam oven, microwave and convection oven. Choose your style and select appliances that fit with your own food and lifestyle choices, without compromising on quality, design or performance.

Sub-Zero & Wolf offer performance, reliability and design flexibility with so many possibilities it’s a lot to take in! 0845 250 0010

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