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Designing a farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen design remain eternally popular due in part to its cosy, warm and inviting feeling that it evokes when you’re in the space. It is also simple and unpretentious – think soft colour palettes, shaker-style cabinetry and exposed natural wood which is hugely on trend at the moment. Our latest blog post explores how to design a farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen

Tillingham Collection

Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport, says: “A farmhouse kitchen errs on the side of being a relaxed concept, rather than formal kitchens that can lack personality. The relaxed nature of them offers homeowners many opportunities to bring in personal touches while having fun with making the space the heart of the home.

“There is also a mistaken perception that you need to live in a cosy cottage or farmhouse to have a farmhouse style kitchen, but this just isn’t the case.

“You can easily replicate the feel of a farmhouse kitchen by choosing certain products and styles as long as the ‘warmth’ that you associate with them comes through. Look to products we associate with the aesthetics of these style kitchens – from Aga’s to window seats, butler sinks to letting natural wood do the talking. You don’t need to have beams or low ceilings to replicate the look in your own home.”

farmhouse kitchen design

Farmhouse kitchen design in a 1960s home. 

How can I create a farmhouse kitchen vibe?


Typically, in a farmhouse kitchen you’d have a large range cooker or Aga. And this is a great way of adding character, especially if your property requires a helping hand in this area.

farmhouse range cooker

However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up modern appliances if you love them. One way to tie in a modern cooker is to use the traditional-style mantle which helps to blend the modern elements. Even more modern appliances such as wine fridges can work, though we tend to position them under the counter so that they aren’t at eye level and so don’t jar with the overall farmhouse look.

Freestanding furniture

In a typical farmhouse kitchen, you may choose to have some freestanding pieces of furniture. It could be anything from a large rustic kitchen table, through to a kitchen island, dresser or butchers block. It’s the mix of cabinets and furniture pieces that gives farmhouse kitchens their rustic charm, as if the kitchen has evolved over time, rather than being designed and fitted to a one-size-fits-all template.

This approach allows each individual piece to be its own focal point, while also being highly practical, whether to prep food or display personal items that are important to you.


Farmhouse kitchen colours are all about creating and adding warmth which means that super bright shades are out! If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than nature – from soft white shades to a muted rich shade such as green, blue or deep red if you are looking to contrast your kitchen island with the rest of your cabinets.

As we’ve mentioned previously, farmhouse kitchens are a canvas in which to add plenty of your own personality. You can choose to layer in more colours and textures through the use of fabrics – think blinds and cushions on your seats – or things like your China that you have on display. However, you choose to style your farmhouse kitchen, it should ultimately make you feel like you’re tucked up in a warm home on a cold and miserable day!


If there is one style of cabinetry that lends itself to farmhouse kitchens, it is shaker style as it prized for its simplicity and practicality. It also works exceptionally well when paired with open shelving which is often a staple of farmhouse kitchens.

And our favourite feature…

Farmhouse kitchen pantry

One of the most popular items in farmhouse kitchens and our favourite are baking and breakfast-style cupboards. These cupboards are dedicated to these moments within the day and can feature areas given over to stand mixers and equipment and can be closed off at the end of a busy morning and without having to have all items out on show.

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