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How to design the perfect kitchen sink area

By its nature, the sink area needs to be functional, easy to clean, and designed with hard-working materials which will last for years to come. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be stylish in equal measure.

Here are the 5 things to consider when planning your sink area to create a wet zone that wows.

Layout and style

One of the best traditional positions for a sink is under a window or on an island facing into the room, so there are always pleasant things to look at whilst doing the chores. 

It is also very important to consider the position in the wider context of the layout; it should be close to food storage, food prep and cooking areas for washing and draining, ideally with the dishwasher and waste bins nearby.

Sink choice

From traditional Butler-style sinks to streamlined, undermounted designs that fit perfectly under the worksurface, depending on budget and preference there is a sink to suit every kitchen.

The type of material that your sink is made from is something to consider too. Ceramic sinks look classic but can be unforgiving on crockery. Stone sinks can look charming, but often come with a more expensive price tag. Stainless steel is perhaps the most practical, yet not necessarily always that stylish, also Copper is a good alternative as it complements classic and contemporary kitchen styles. The slightly more expensive enamelled cast iron sinks can give the look of ceramic sink, but resists chipping cracking or burning for years of beauty and reliable performance.

From a practical perspective, one large bowl which fits your larger items in is essential, however, if space allows then two is better as it provides additional space for rinsing and draining if the main sink is full.

Tap choice

Taps are now available in a much wider range of styles and finishes:

 – Deck or wall mounted
– Designs with a single mount
– Bridge mixers (hot & cold that flows into one)
– Sets with separate side sprays for rinsing crocks
– Boiling water taps which also dispense filtered chilled and sparkling water (single spout) or separate hot water taps

Boiling water taps are ideal for busy family kitchens, and there are a wide variety of finishes available to complement the vast choice of handles, helping to create a ‘pulled-together’ look. Several brands of boiling taps are available: Quooker and Perrin and Rowe are but two.

*Deck-mounted taps can sometimes be fixed directly to the sink itself if the sink has been equipped with a tap hole, so the bottom of the tap sits flush against the surface it is mounted on.

Surrounding surface

The surfaces around the sink area need to be hard wearing, allowing for frequent contact with water. Engineered quartz surfaces are a popular choice as they are easy to keep clean and require less maintenance than natural granite and marble, especially in hard water areas.

To help manage excessive water, grooves or a sunken area can be incorporated into the surface. A full splashback or upstand (which is usually the same as the worksurface) will protect the wall from splashes. It is also a good idea if the sink is in front of a window to incorporate the window cill with the same material as the work surface and upstand, giving a seamless look.

Plan the storage

Depending on the style of the sink, you may need to accommodate the depth of the bowl, and if you are opting for a hot water tap, room for the water storage tank. In smaller rooms, a bin system and space for cleaning products may also be required.

For more expert advice, or to arrange a kitchen design consultation with one of our designers, please Contact us. You can also request a free copy of our portfolio for more design inspiration.

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