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How to prepare your kitchen for summer entertaining

There are plenty of things you can do to prepare your kitchen for lazy summer evenings as you entertain friends and family.

While some are smaller than others, there are several ways you can add a little luxury to your kitchen and make it ready for hosting. If you are thinking about a larger kitchen renovation, Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport, has some forward thinking tips on how to get the best out of your kitchen during summer.

Declutter your space

We’re all guilty of having lots of items out on our kitchen counters, from a well-worn cookery book to chopping boards and even our toaster. However, these items can make your kitchen feel cluttered and busy. If possible, see if you can find a space to store these kitchen essentials away instead of having them on your counter tops. This can help to make the room instantly feel more luxurious as it allows people to see your beautiful kitchen.

If you are considering how to declutter, consider replacing one or two cabinets in your kitchen and reconfiguring the layout of them. Breakfast pantries – where you can place everything you need for breakfast within a large cupboard – can be one way to help keep your counter tops clutter free. Just remember to have an electrician install plug sockets at the back of your cupboard so you can use your items easily.

Bring the outdoors in

kitchens in summertime

In summertime, our gardens are gorgeous shades of green and an array of colour from flowers, however, as we’re in the UK, we don’t always get to enjoy them because of the rain. This often means that even with the best well laid plans, we sometimes have to eat inside, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy nature and what it has to offer.

Instead, look at ways to incorporate the outdoors in your kitchen. This may involve simply adding floral touches like fresh bouquets and stylish houseplants, or through the use of tea towels and artwork with summery designs.

If you’re looking at bringing in nature longer-term, then you may want to consider choosing green for your cabinetry, from rich earthy shades to calming sage. It also helps that green is one of the most popular colours right now in kitchens, so you know you aren’t alone when adding a touch of nature to your home. If you do decide to go down this route, consider investing in wood kitchen counters as it is a durable material and also works with a variety of styles.

Creating an evening ambience

When we think of summer, we think of long, hot summer days filled with sunshine and BBQs outside. However, sometimes the party can go on longer, and for that, you need to make sure your kitchen space has the perfect ambient lighting for entertaining. Having the option to dim the main kitchen lights and achieve a soft glow with different lighting features creates a wonderfully cosy ambience. Pendant lights are ideal for illuminating a kitchen island, dining table or peninsula, while LED’s positioned above or below overhead cabinets will create another dimension of depth and drama.

This type of lighting will also serve you well all year round, so perfect for when you are hosting Christmas drinks or a New Years Eve party.

Keeping cool

If you love to entertain – in any month and not just summer – then you’ll want to think about certain appliances such as a wine fridge. Dedicated to keeping your tipple cool, they can be set at the perfect temperate and not interfere with your day-to-day fridge. They can also be strategically placed so that they can be easily accessed and are away from the general cooking areas as they don’t need to be in the triangle!

If you do have a kitchen island, utilising the under-counter space to host your wine fridge can be a great solution.

Design your kitchen with summer in mind

Summer entertaining

If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation, there are numerous things to think about, some which are obvious and some which aren’t. One thing people might not think about are the seasons and how to get the best out of your kitchen in the summer months.

Open-plan, flowing designs truly come into their own during the warmer months, helping to keep your home airy and cool. A central island has become a staple feature in open-plan kitchen designs, providing a focal point in connecting different areas of the room as well as playing a vital role in both cooking and socialising. And, in the not so unlikely case of a British summer shower, the island is the ideal indoor seating area for your guests to gather and socialise around too.

Make the best of the view

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen that looks out into your garden or has a stunning vista, think carefully about where you put your seating to make the best of it.

There is a perception in the UK that the kitchen sink should be beneath your kitchen window, but it is a waste of a view. Instead, consider moving it to another place in your kitchen, such as your island, and instead, look to open up the space with patio doors and make use of them by positing the table in front of them. Creating an indoor-outdoor living space can take dinner parties outside into the garden, with all the essentials of the kitchen to hand.

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