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Kitchen Colour Trends 2022

As the focal point of the home where we all gather for cooking, dining, entertaining, socialising and even working, the interior choices we make in our kitchen, specifically the colour, is more significant than ever.

In our experience, choosing the kitchen colour scheme is one of the decisions that most of our clients find the hardest when planning their new kitchen. 

Here we explore the popular kitchen colour trends in 2022 and how to incorporate them into a classic kitchen design. 

1. Nature-inspired Greens

Nature-inspired greens have been the leading colour trend in kitchen design in 2022. From bold bottle shades through to softer sage tones, they look striking paired with gold or brass accessories, which are also currently a very popular choice. 

These Davonport projects pair hand painted green furniture with light worksurfaces and traditional -style cup handles for a timeless interior. 

2. Bold blues

Bold blues are still a popular cabinetry colour choice, however this year we have started to see a shift towards teals and lighter blues being incorporated into designs. 

The darker heritage shades in these Davonport kitchens work perfectly with classic style furniture. For a contemporary style kitchen, combining bold blue painted furniture with other materials and textures will help to create a layered look. 

3. Shades of grey

Over the last decade greys have been the go-to colour scheme in interiors. The various shades look good with classic and contemporary style kitchens, and both light and dark worksurfaces. 

Natural stone surfaces exude a more classic feel, whereas natural wood or accents of wood against grey kitchen furniture injects a relaxed, contemporary edge.

Choosing contrasting shades of grey in different areas of the room will create visual interest yet allow the overall colour scheme to remain neutral. For a truly timeless look, opt for one shade of grey across all.

4. Neutral tones

This year we are seeing more demand for kitchens in putty, stones, and beige shades.

In kitchen designs with an island layout, clients are choosing these lighter hues on their surrounding wall cabinets and opting for a classic accent colour on the island. 

Neutral handpainted kitchen furniture dressed in gold and brass tone accessories is en vogue, but chrome accessories and a darker worksurface provides an iconic monochrome look. 

5. Accent colour

If you are struggling to commit to a particular scheme, opting for an accent colour might be the best solution. This allows a colour to be incorporated into an interior in the way of handpainted furniture, worksurfaces, or soft furnishings and accessories.

In these Davonport projects a handpainted kitchen island injects a colour into the room and is complemented by wall art and blinds with the same colour tone for a ‘pulled-together’ interior.

This option is perfect for classic handmade kitchens, which can be repainted in the future as tastes and interior trends change.

If you are looking for more colour inspiration why not take a browse of our recent Client Journeys, or to begin planning your dream kitchen, contact us to arrange a design consultation with one of our expert designers.

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