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Our Kitchen Interior Design & Hand Crafted Kitchens

Our interior design service offers planning for the entire kitchen, because we know that many of our clients want to achieve that magazine-perfect finish for their new room. We will help you source the correct fittings, furnishings and accessories to complement both your kitchen and your lifestyle. This comprehensive process includes, but is not limited to, colour scheme planning, lighting, flooring, technology/media, soft furnishings, freestanding furniture, seating and tableware.

Davonport’s Finishing Touches service, is overseen by our showroom manager, working closely with your kitchen designer. Having worked in partnership with you during the process of designing your handmade kitchen, your designer will have a very clear understanding of the aesthetics you are striving for: whether that be minimalist chic, a more lived-in bohemian feel, or rustic industrial-type styling. Working with our showroom manager, they know just where to find the right Finishing Touches to ensure your kitchen is as ‘you’ as possible.

kitchen interior


Lighting design is integral to any kitchen and we can incorporate elements of lighting in to skirting & plinth, cornicing, within specific units such as larders, and in overhead extractor design. We also help you ensure the lighting is suitable throughout the whole room – to create the correct balance of ambient and functional light sources and of course, we’ll help you choose the actual light fittings and fixtures too from our range of beautiful pendants.

lighting design


Similarly, flooring has a major impact on the overall look and feel of a kitchen and must be laid before your bespoke kitchen is fitted. We will explain the pros and cons of various options to help you narrow down the perfect accompaniment to your selected kitchen style. Our wide range of timber floors, natural stone, and porcelain tiles helps you to achieve the flooring just right for your kitchen – whether that be a bold statement or something more neutral.

interior flooring design


The connected home is a trend that’s here to stay but that doesn’t mean that every homeowner wants technology to be at the core of their kitchen design. If it’s smart appliances you’re looking to incorporate, whether hidden away or resplendent in all of their glory, we can steer you in the right direction. Similarly, if you simply want to incorporate a television, or sound system, which doesn’t detract from the aesthetic, we know just the way.

interior kitchen design


Depending on the design of your kitchen, you may need stools for a substantial breakfast bar, dining chairs for a traditional standalone table, additional seating for banquette areas, and even occasional benches, chairs and sofas. If that sounds like too much to take on, we can be on standby to help you ensure that each piece of furniture is just right in terms of size, style and function.

Modern Kitchen and A Curve Center Table

Colour Schemes & Accessories

Decorating a kitchen should be an expression of your personality whilst reinforcing the kitchen’s theme. To achieve this, our interior design service can include anything from artwork and mirrors to flower-filled vases and decorative lanterns. We look at the room as a whole, working with you to choose the perfect paint colours, wallpapers, flooring etc. to form a cohesive scheme far beyond just the kitchen cupboards.


Davonport provides a range of finishing touches from a mix of trade and retail suppliers. Established brands include Spiral Cellars, Long Island Shutters, Crittall Windows, Arte, Cole & Son, and Bang & Olufsen.

Many of our products are sold directly from our Colchester showroom as part of the ‘Finishing Touches’ range, including lighting, soft furnishings, dining table sets and home accessories. To find out more about our Finishing Touches range, or to better understand the interior design service we offer, please get in touch.

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