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Traditional & classic kitchens

Our origins lie in designing and creating traditional kitchens and it’s our passion for creating truly timeless kitchen furniture that has led to the expansion of our original styles. From the understated English charm of the Tillingham to the subtle silver detailing on the Belgravia, these timeless Davonport kitchen collections embody the elegance and character of classic kitchen design, beautifully brought up to date to fit seamlessly in contemporary settings. So, whether your home is a grade II listed barn or a newly built townhouse, there is a Davonport classic kitchen range to suit.

Our classic kitchen styles

Kitchen Platform With Cabinates


Kitchen With Dining Table And Chairs


Kitchen Room With Table And Stool


Green Curved Kitchen Cabinet And Cupboards


White Kitchen Counter With Brown Cabinets


White Kitchen With Chairs


Brown Kitchen Counter With White Cabinets


Open Plan Kitchen


Modern Kitchens


Shaker kitchens

For those who appreciate a blend of simplicity and craftsmanship, our Shaker kitchens offer a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Inspired by the iconic Shaker style, these kitchens exude a sense of timeless elegance that has stood the test of time.

With clean lines, exquisite joinery, and a focus on natural materials, our Shaker kitchen collections capture the essence of this classic design. Each piece is meticulously crafted to create a welcoming and practical space, making it a joy to cook, entertain, and gather with loved ones.

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