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Classic Shaker Kitchen 

Simplicity and pared back style is at the core of our Holkham kitchen – the epitome of classic shaker design. With a similar design ethos to our Mersea collection, the Holkham’s uncomplicated design and focus on proportion makes it a perfect fit for smaller kitchens. The door style of the Holkham is designed with narrow rails and styles and a simplified surrounding frame in order to retain the inherent elegance and poise of pared back design. The beauty of the Holkham is the furniture itself and how you choose to style it. Its classic shaker style lends itself to bold colour schemes, statement tiles and aged metal hardware. Though not adorned with the mouldings and added details of some of of our more intricate styles, the Holkham is not be underestimated.


Leonardo Da Vinci

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By choosing a bespoke company for a small kitchen project you are far more likely to realise your dream kitchen…

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