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Luxury bespoke handmade kitchens for Cambridge

Welcome to Davonport, where we specialise in designing and crafting unique kitchen and furniture pieces that truly distinguish themselves. Our work is a tribute to the timeless quality of British craftsmanship and design, boasting a rich history spanning more than 30 years in the realm of high-end, artisanal cabinetry.

Situated near Cambridge on the border between Essex and Suffolk, our meticulously handcrafted pieces have earned us numerous awards and recognition, transforming living spaces and introducing a fresh, celebrated approach to contemporary living. We invite you to experience the very best in bespoke sophistication and practicality, marked by acclaim and innovation.

Quality handmade kitchens, the intelligent choice

For thirty years, Davonport has been at the forefront of conceiving and producing brilliantly designed, finely crafted kitchens. Based in our distinguished Colchester workshop and showroom near Cambridge, we hold the belief that a Davonport kitchen extends beyond mere meal preparation. It represents a meticulously planned and expertly handmade setting intended for everyday living, relaxation, hosting, and imagination.

By crafting exquisite bespoke furniture using only the highest quality raw materials and production standards, we are proud of the numerous awards and accolades we have garnered.

To truly understand the exquisite style of a Davonport kitchen, why not explore our brochure? Inside, enjoy advice on how to style a luxury kitchen and browse an enviable collection of real projects showcased in country estates, London townhouses and coastal retreats. Download an instant digital copy here:



Luxury kitchens for Cambridge

elegant beige kitchen with blue island cabinets
Our selections showcase timeless designs that skilfully blend aesthetics and function. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of English furniture design, we seamlessly integrate the finest contemporary elements to complement your living spaces.
Modern Bespoke Handmade Kitchens in Colchester
Our modern kitchen collection challenges conventional norms and sparks your creative vision. Leveraging years of experience, we’ve carefully curated a range that harmoniously melds diverse materials and textures to create the most captivating and innovative designs.


Our kitchen showroom for Cambridge

Whether you’re in search of inspiration or ready to start crafting your own dream custom kitchen, our kitchen showroom in Colchester, just a short drive from Cambridge, is the ideal next step.

Our expert team beckon you to delve into the realm of timeless and modern living in a manner you’ve never encountered before. Immerse yourself in the all-new Sparkford kitchen and discover the exquisitely reinvented Tillingham kitchen collections, both embodying our distinctive artistry and hallmark style.

To take that next step towards your new luxury kitchen, click below to arrange a showroom appointment with us.


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