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Luxury bespoke handmade kitchens for the East of England

Welcome to Davonport, where we craft bespoke kitchens and furniture that stand apart from the rest. Our creations are a testament to the enduring excellence of British design and craftsmanship, with over three decades of experience in the world of luxury, artisanal cabinetry.

Located on the Essex/Suffolk border in the East of England, our handcrafted masterpieces have garnered awards and accolades, redefining homes and introducing an innovative way of living celebrated worldwide. Join us in embracing the epitome of award winning bespoke elegance and functionality.

Quality handmade kitchens, crafted to perfection

For more than three decades, Davonport has been the driving force behind the creation of ingenious, exquisitely crafted kitchens. Operating from our esteemed workshop in the East of England, we believe that a Davonport kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals. It’s a meticulously orchestrated and handcrafted environment designed for living, unwinding, hosting, and envisioning.

To truly understand the exquisite style of a Davonport kitchen, why not explore our brochure? Inside, enjoy advice on how to style a luxury kitchen and browse an enviable collection of real projects showcased in country estates, London townhouses and coastal retreats. Download an instant digital copy here:



Each kitchen represents a harmonious collaboration between our skilled designers and yourself, the client. It’s a space that’s precisely tailored to your preferences and needs, drawing from an extensive array of materials and finishes. Within our selection of classic and contemporary luxury kitchens, you’ll uncover the distinctive qualities that set Davonport apart.

If you’d like to understand how Davonport can create an exquisitely bespoke kitchen in your home, our expert team of designers are ready to answer any questions you may have.


Our kitchen styles

Kitchen Room With Dining Table
Kitchen Room With Dining Table
Classic Style Kitchen
White Kitchen Counter
Classic Kitchen Design
Round Kitchen Counter
Our collections feature classic styles that beautifully combine form and function. Inspired by traditional English furniture design, we also incorporate the very best modern elements to suit your home.
Kitchen Room With Cabinets
Kitchen Room With Cabinets
Morden Kitchen Design
Morden Kitchen Style
Our contemporary kitchens defy convention and ignite your inspiration. With years of expertise, we have curated a collection that combines materials and textures for the most captivating designs.


Our kitchen showroom for the East of England

Whether you’re simply seeking inspiration or you’re ready to start the process of creating your very own dream bespoke kitchen, our East of England kitchen showroom is the perfect place to take that next step.

This expansive space invites you to explore the world of classic and contemporary living like never before. Immerse yourself in our latest Sparkford kitchen and experience the beautifully reimagined Tillingham kitchen collections, each bearing our unique craftsmanship and signature style. To take that next step towards your new luxury kitchen, click below to arrange a showroom appointment with us.


Our portfolio



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