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Mix wood and painted finishes in your next kitchen

Wood is a vital component of any kitchen, often making up most of our kitchen cabinetry. However, this means that it is viewed as simply a functional component and with colour playing such a prominent role in interior design, the wood is often painted over. However, as we look to embrace more of nature in our homes, the beauty of wood in the kitchen is finally being allowed to shine through, as we look to mix wood and painted finishes in our kitchens.

Over the last several years, there has been a huge shift to using colour in the kitchen, from charcoal, blues to greens and even pops of vibrant colours such as pinks.

However, post-pandemic, there has been a shift to more organic materials, textures and colour palettes, and this includes letting the beauty of wood speak for itself.

On one extreme, we’re now seeing full wood kitchens and even a mixture of woods being used in the same space to create some striking and unusual kitchens.

For most homeowners, however, they still want to retain some colour that reflects their personality and home. One way to achieve this is through mixing painted and wooden cabinetry, either split 50/50 or with more subtle wooden pops. Combining exposed wood, with colour – whether bright or neutral colour palettes is a fantastic way to create a kitchen with plenty of impact.”

If you are looking to celebrate the natural beauty and warmth of wood, then choosing a wooden island, in contrast to the rest of the kitchen, is certainly one way to do it.

Mixed wood and paint kitchenIn the Audley kitchen, the statement island has been made from Chocolate American walnut and is the main centrepiece of the kitchen. The use of cream cabinetry behind it is used as a canvas to offset the rich darkness of the wood. The overall style of the kitchen is resoundingly classic, with rich walnut accents and light hand painted cabinets topped with a practical light stone worktop and paired with timeless brushed chrome handles. This is a perfect example of how to mix wood and painted finishes in your kitchen.

If you are looking to add wood accents, you can choose to do so in smaller elements than a whole section of your kitchen. One of the big trends for 2023 is the use of curves when it comes to a kitchen island. Adding an additional circle element to your kitchen island in beautiful wood can be a contrast that brings the element of nature into a kitchen.”

oak wood and paint kitchenIn the Tillingham kitchen, the grey and blues of the kitchen cabinets exude a coastal feel, while pollarded burr oak has been used to create a seating and food prep area, with handmade chopping boards dedicated to individual food items. The end result feels like the wood elements of the kitchen island is its own piece of furniture, tying in the kitchen with the beautiful oak beams of a converted barn.

Choosing a bespoke kitchen designer and manufacturer can provide the freedom you require to add in elements of wood to your own personal taste

wood and paint kitchen islandThe Belgravia kitchen is about respecting the history of a property while adding a contemporary twist with walnut features. Subtle finishes such as walnut handles and the walnut breakfast bar add the wooden element through the kitchen area, while a separate seating area allowed for entertaining without being too close to the kitchen.

bespoke wood kitchen tableThe pièce de resistance was the beautiful handmade walnut table that was designed by ourselves. It is a work of art, and once you notice it, you can’t help but stare at the simplistic beauty it commands. The design shows off the beauty of the walnut wood and is the perfect example of how wood, in particular dark wood, can work within a modern family kitchen.

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