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Modern shaker kitchen ideas

When it comes to kitchen design, some styles never seem to go out of fashion. And that’s certainly the case with the timeless shaker kitchen.

With its simple yet elegant design, it’s no surprise that the shaker style has remained the most popular kitchen design choice among homeowners. According to a recent survey by Home Stratosphere, over 27% of 1.7 million kitchens boasted shaker cabinetry, so it’s clear that this classic style is here to stay.

Modern Shaker Kitchen

If you’re looking to create a functional and beautiful kitchen that will stand the test of time, the shaker kitchen is definitely worth considering.

That being said, an increasing number of clients have recently been asking us to create ‘a contemporary take on a classic shaker’. To work this out, let’s first understand what a ‘Shaker Kitchen’ actually is…

Understanding the Shaker Style

The shaker style is a celebration of aesthetic, functionality, and timeless charm. First appearing over 200 years ago, this classic design continues to be a favourite among homeowners in the UK.

Modern shaker kitchen sink

Characteristics and features of the shaker

Here’s a closer look at the defining characteristics and features of a classic shaker kitchen:

  1. The frame effect: The shaker style is defined by its clean and simple lines, with minimal hardware accents to maintain a clutter-free and refined appearance.
  2. Focus on functionality: A hallmark of the shaker style is its emphasis on practicality and functionality. This is reflected in the ample storage options, including open shelving and large cabinetry.
  3. Sleek and charismatic shapes: Shaker kitchens feature the famous rectangular and square shapes this design element perfectly balances traditional charm with contemporary sophistication.

How to create a shaker kitchen with a contemporary twist

While the shaker style may have originated over two centuries ago, it has evolved to meet the changing tastes of homeowners. With this in mind, how can you give your shaker kitchen a contemporary twist?

Use bold colours

Deep, cool blues and greens are trending right now (we love the below shaker, painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘studio green’) and offer a perfect way to give a traditional shaker a breath of fresh air.

Modern Shaker Kitchen
laundry cabinet

Having said this, if you’re a purist, the white shaker kitchen will remain in favour, and there are plenty of ways to keep this colour looking contemporary.

contemporary copper handles for a modern shaker kitchen

Add in contemporary handles

Though it might seem like a small change, this ‘minor’ detail has the capability to transform a kitchen. Modern handles (think square, metallic) are sure to catapult your kitchen into 2023 and beyond. Gold and copper tones are particularly popular right now.

Shaker kitchen with modern lighting

Integration of modern lighting

The incorporation of modern lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights and shelving lighting, enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the Shaker kitchen, creating a contemporary and edgy ambiance.

Incorporate open shelving

Elevate the look of your kitchen by incorporating open shelving into your design, highlighted perfectly in the above kitchen. This provides ample storage space and adds an extra touch of sophistication and interest to your modern shaker-style cabinets.

Think about the detail

Invest in quality accessories to complete your kitchen. Consider metallic elements like brushed nickel or brass, to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your kitchen. Choose accents that complements your kitchen’s design, in order to enhance its overall aesthetic. Copper tones pair well with navy and grey tones, whilst gold is a perfect match for green. There are plenty of places to add a touch of unique metal – consider shelving, taps, statement lighting as well as handles.

gold hardware
shaker cabinet for breakfast

Reeded glass is another popular way to add a contemporary vibe to your shaker kitchen. You’ll also add interest to the space, without revealing everything that’s inside the cabinets!

By embracing the tips outlined above, you can fashion a Shaker kitchen with a contemporary flair that embodies both classic refinement and cutting-edge sophistication, becoming the envy of your home for years to come.

The incomparable allure of a shaker-style kitchen presents a rare chance to harmoniously blend timeless tradition with contemporary sophistication in your home. Embrace the classic beauty of the shaker aesthetic, incorporate a contemporary edge, and turn your kitchen aspirations into a reality.

At Davonport Kitchens, we boast an extensive repertoire of skills and knowledge in crafting luxurious, functional kitchens that are tailored to the individual preferences and needs of our clients.

If you seek a trusted partner to guide you through your kitchen design journey, Davonport Kitchens is the ideal choice. So, why wait? Contact us today, and let us bring your kitchen vision to life.

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