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Raise a glass to Davonport’s drink cabinet ideas

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and often the room where we do most of our entertaining when we have family and friends over. It makes perfect sense that during a kitchen renovation project, you might install a sneaky surprise or two with Davonport’s drink cabinet ideas!

drinks cabinet
At Davonport, our designers often come up with beautiful ways to bring entertaining to life, whether through specialist wine fridges or even alchemist cupboards. With staying in becoming the new norm, creating a bespoke home bar is the perfect way of adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen. So, sit back, pop open a bottle of bubbly, and let us show you Davonport’s drink cabinet ideas.

Alchemy cupboards can be opened up and are instant bars, with everything you need to knock up a cocktail or serve a cold Gin & Tonic on a hot summers evening.

Kitchen drinks cabinet

When designing an alchemy cupboard, there are some certain design features you may want to include. Generally, the cupboard will feature shelves for storing alcohol, which and generally well lit and have a mirrored backing.

Most of our designs feature a marble worktop as the main area to mix up drinks, so that it helps to keep items cool, looks striking but is also practical in case of any spills.

Some people will choose to have a range of drawers under the main shelf for storing items such as mixers etc, while others will go with a ‘spice rack’ feature to hold further glasses and condiments to help you be a mixologist.

While these cupboards are Davonport’s most popular, there are other ways to showcase your best wine. You may choose to install a specialist wine fridge that is set to just the right temperate for a cold glass of wine.

wine store

Others may look to utilise floor to ceiling cupboards and have them especially designed to hold different bottles. In this instance, pocket doors are your best friend as they can be stored away so that the full collection of wine is on show when entertaining.

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