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Slab backsplashes are trending. But what are they?

Kitchen design is ever evolving. A new trend that has captured not just our imagination, but the world of interior design is the elegant and timeless slab backsplash. This design feature is redefining the kitchen aesthetic, permeating spaces with sophistication and a touch of modern luxury.

slab backsplash

Featuring our Holkham kitchen

The term “slab backsplash” encapsulates the idea of using a single, continuous piece of material, often natural stone or engineered quartz, to cover the entire wall space behind the countertop and kitchen cabinets. This design choice is an exercise in simplicity and boldness, and it has rapidly gained prominence for several compelling reasons.

One of the most striking features of a slab backsplash is its ability to create a seamless finish. This continuous, uninterrupted surface offers a contrast to tiles and their grout lines which can make a space feel overly busy.

Slab backsplashes also offer an extensive range of materials to choose from, each exuding its unique character and charm. While natural stone, such as marble, quartzite, and granite, imparts a classic and timeless aura, engineered quartz, porcelain, and even glass are also popular choices for those seeking a contemporary and versatile appeal. The versatility of materials allows homeowners to express their individuality and tailor their kitchen to their specific tastes.

slab backsplash

Featuring our SOHO kitchen

We’re also seeing the same material be used for worktops that then flow into the slab backsplash. It provides an uninterrupted visual rhythm, adding a clean and minimalist finish, even if the material used is populated with veining and texture.

In addition to how good they look; slab backsplashes are remarkably easy to maintain. Unlike traditional tiled backsplashes, which require regular grout cleaning and sealing, a slab surface is a breeze to wipe clean. This low-maintenance feature not only enhances the kitchen’s functionality but also preserves its pristine appearance over time.

While this is a growing trend, we expect it to be one that has longevity as it is an investment in timeless design. These elegant, unbroken surfaces have proven their staying power in the world of interior design, ensuring that your kitchen remains effortlessly chic for years to come.

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