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Stylish Pantry Ideas

Along with kitchen island, pantries are high on the list of the most sought-after items for a kitchen. They can act as additional storage space for food, a dedicated food prep space, a hidden coffee bar, and so much more. At Davonport, we have plenty of examples of stylish pantry ideas.

Stylish pantry ideasThey can come in many different formats, from beautiful pantry-style cupboards to a dedicated space that is zoned off from the rest of the kitchen, they are both a practical addition but also can make a real design statement in your kitchen.

There is something very luxurious about pantries, even though they are essentially an area or overlarge cupboard to store food items. While their main purpose is to offer homeowners are practical solution, the design element and how they look has been one of the main drivers in them being on everyone’s wish list.

What’s the most popular style of pantry? Our examples of stylish pantry ideas.

When it comes to kitchen design, we’re seeing the biggest demand for cabinets that are devoted to staples, rather than dedicated walk-in storage, unless it is a full renovation or new build project. At this stage, people can create smaller rooms that function as a pantry.Stylish pantry ideas

Even small kitchens can benefit from a pantry cupboard as the organisation it provides helps the rest of the kitchen to remain clutter free, while also freeing up other cupboard space for other essential items. The trick to utilising pantries in smaller kitchens is to make sure the layout of the pantry cupboard covers all basics and has dedicated areas for different types of items.

Stylish pantry ideasWhen it comes to looking at examples of stylish pantry ideas, also consider carefully the items you and your family use the most. This will help designers think about the internal layout of the cupboards as there is much more to it than just adding in various sized shelves.

Within a cupboard setting, you can have dedicated drawers for fruit and vegetables, as well as shelves tall enough for items such as cereal boxes. Choosing marble shelves can also help to keep it cooler, so that fresh items that don’t need to be in the fridge can last longer.

Does a pantry have to be fitted as part of the kitchen?

A pantry cupboard can either be a fitted piece as part of your kitchen, or as a standalone piece of furniture. There isn’t a hard and fast rule as to which is the best option and instead will be decided by working with your kitchen designer to assess the space you have and the style that you prefer.

Stylish pantry ideasThe pantry cupboard design within the Holkham is one of the standout features of range. A masterful example of what a pantry cupboard should be, it is big enough to step into, while also expertly displaying dry food. It has been designed with a spotlight in the roof of the cupboard, making it much easier to find the items you are looking for.

Stylish pantry ideas

If you do have enough space to create a larger pantry, you can either have it enclosed but with beautiful touches such as engraved detailing or use glass to partition the space.

One stylish pantry idea is found in our Shoreditch kitchen, statement Crittall Windows innervision factory-style sliding door creates a focal point, separating the main kitchen area from the spacious walk-in pantry which includes a generous-sized additional worksurface and over and under shelving, including wicker basket drawers for storing breads & pastries.

Stylish pantry ideas

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