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Top 5 sizzling summer recipes

BBQ season is in full swing, we all have our favourite tried and tested recipes that we use and re-use; from special spicy marinades through to faithful side dishes. However, despite experiencing a variety of recipes at our family and friends’ BBQs, after a few weeks of eating chargrilled meat, BBQ fatigue sets in!

To help you still enjoy the benefits of dining al fresco and without a sausage in sight, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite summer salad recipes which can be thrown together quickly in the comfort of your kitchen and enjoyed indoors or out.

Colourful and Fruity 

Like summer on a plate, this colourful, parma ham mozzarella and peach salad with buckwheat and quinoa is a satisfying supper. With the sweet flavour of the peach and salt from the ham, it is a feast for the taste buds that is simple to create, yet also, dinner party impressive.

Classic French Niçoise Salad 

Protein – check. Greens – check. Carbs – check. If you’re looking for a balanced meal with minimal effort, then look no further. A feast for your eyes as well as your stomach, this iconic niçoise salad is a great option for quick dinners and late lunches. Not a fan of Tuna? A portion of steamed salmon works just as well or, if you’re not in a fishy mood, you can replace the fish with cooked chicken breasts.

NB: This salad is a great lunchbox/picnic option as it can be prepared the night before and taste just as good the next day!

Going for Green

Give your greens a twist for the summer with this zesty all green salad. It makes a perfect side dish to accompany fish or meat dishes and is naturally full of goodness. You can add feta cheese or mozzarella to make it more substantial as a main affair or to serve as a vegetarian option.

Chicken Caesar 

Another classic; this recipe can be cooked from scratch or made using pre-cooked chicken from a roast dinner or supermarket deli for speed and convenience. The different textures of the crispy bacon and crunchy croutons with the soft chicken dressed in creamy, garlic dressing, all combine to create a delicious salad. 

Epic Summer Salad 

Finally, as the name suggests this salad really is ‘epic’ and the best thing about it is that NO COOKING IS REQUIRED! Radishes, avocados, mangos, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes (to name a few of the ingredients) mixed with crumbled feta – produce this fresh, superfood feast that can be eaten alone or as a side dish.

Images and recipes courtesy of: delicious magazine, Sainsbury’s recipes and BBC Good Food

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