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Transforming your space into a multi-functional haven

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and it’s a place where we gather with our family and friends to cook and eat, but just as importantly, to socialise and entertain.

In this digital age, we’re socialising in the kitchen more than ever, so we’re seeing a wave of multifunctional spaces incorporating this new way of life.

Whether you want to create a cosy family space to enjoy from morning until night or a multifunctional kitchen perfect for entertaining guests, Davonport has put together some ways to add a TV unit to your kitchen to help you transform your space without compromising on style.

living area with floating shelf

Comfort is key

Media room with large sofa

Comfort is key when entertaining guests or tuning in to a long game! Consider a mix of seating options, such as a large sofa and individual chairs. If you have a large open kitchen, then breaking off a corner space of the room to dedicate to a snug or living area will reconfigure how you use your kitchen daily. It’s the perfect solution for bringing the family together without sacrificing housework and a good quality meal.

Keep a tidy and organised space with clever storage

A media room can be a functional room as well as an entertaining one! Despite this, it can quickly become cluttered with cables, remote controls and other equipment. By incorporating smart storage solutions into your media room design, you can keep everything organised and easily accessible. Consider installing built-in cabinets, open shelving or media units to store equipment and accessories. Bespoke storage solutions work particularly well for awkward spaces and alcoves.

wooden storage

Set the scene with creative décor


Transforming a room into a multifunctional space requires attention to detail, and décor is crucial in setting the right mood. Experiment with different colours and textures to create the perfect atmosphere – darker colours such as navy blue or charcoal grey can help to create a cinema-like vibe, while bright colours can be distracting. Inject some personality into the room by incorporating movie-themed artwork, posters or memorabilia to make it uniquely yours.

Don’t forget the snack bar & drinks cabinet

What is a movie night without snacks? Adding a snack bar to your media space can elevate the experience and add extra fun and comfort. Consider installing a mini-fridge, microwave or popcorn machine to provide a range of snacks on tap for you and your guests.

A cocktail bar or drinks cabinet is also an option if you want to show off to friends and family. Whipping up a martini and a snack during an interval creates an unforgettable party experience.

Green furniture in an entertainment corner

Ready to start planning your media room?

It may seem simple, but adding a media space to the kitchen can transform how you and your family enjoy leisure time, movie nights and game days. At Davonport, we are passionate about creating bespoke designs tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about our services or view our past projects. Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

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