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Utility room design ideas for modern day living

Once a room that was only found in larger homes of the more affluent, the utility/laundry room is now a sort after space for modern day, family-living and it is incorporated into the layouts of most new build homes and kitchen extensions.

However, depending on the space available and the function that it needs to perform, designs can vary. In this blog, we look at some of the options to consider when designing a utility room.


Working out what you will be using the room for is the best place to start. Is it simply for storage? Or will you be carrying out activities such as ironing and cleaning muddy boots? You may also need it to house laundry appliances, a microwave or an overflow fridge-freezer. 


By definition utilities and laundry rooms are functional places to keep mess and clutter away from the main rooms of the house. However, that does not mean they can’t be stylish places in their own right.

Depending on your budget and taste, you can either match the design to that of the main kitchen in its entirety or simply incorporate some of the elements. For example, many homeowners choose to match the cabinetry style and colour but opt for a more budget-friendly worktop.


The utility room is the place where all the unsightly domestic appliances are usually stored. It is therefore important to consider the shelving inside the cabinets. 

Top Tip: Remember to allow enough height to store ironing boards and hoovers.


If a designated laundry room is more of a dream than a reality for you, a bank of tall cupboards can be used to hide away the ugly but necessary appliances.

By stacking the washing machine and tumble dryer in this Holkham kitchen, space is fully optimised which allows for cupboards on either side to be used independently. The cupboard to the left is used to store cleaning products and the one on the right is used as a drying cupboard to hang clean laundry prior to ironing. Plus, all this is neatly positioned along one wall in the kitchen to really make the most of the space available.

Positioning in the home

If you are building a new house or reconfiguring the layout of your home you’ll have the luxury of choosing where to position your utility room. By locating your laundry room alongside the kitchen but with independent access to the outdoors, you will recreate a buffer between the chaos of the outside and the tranquillity of the inside (or at least that is the theory). Plus, direct access outside it makes the dirty jobs like cleaning football boots and pruning flowers from the garden easier and more straightforward.

For more utility room design inspiration or to arrange a design consultation with one of our experienced designers, please contact us.

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