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Our boot & utility rooms

traditional matt grey kitchen

A utility room provides a designated space to house laundry appliances and other large domestic items, it is also the perfect place to feed and sleep pets, containing all the noise, mess, and general household paraphernalia. 

With the popularity of open plan living, utility rooms have become a modern day essential in family homes, helping to keep the main kitchen/living areas clear and clutter free. Depending on budget and taste, they can be designed to match the aesthetics of the main kitchen in its entirety or be completely unique.

A boot room (or boot room-style area) has also become a sought-after addition to family homes in recent times. They are usually positioned next to the back door or main entrance of a property to help contain muck from the outdoor elements, incorporating bench-style seating which includes coat hooks, and other additional fitted furniture to store outerwear and footwear.

Bootility: When space is at a premium, a design which comprises the key elements of both a utility and a boot room, creating a ‘boot-tility’ is the perfect solution.

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