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Audley – A grade II listed property development

In this unique grade II listed property development, the bootility is perfectly placed opposite the main entrance to the building, just a few steps away from the large open-plan kitchen.

The modest sized room is long and narrow, so the design utilises every inch of both walls for maximum storage and functionality. 

laundry area with sink

Designed in Davonport Audley furniture (the same as the main kitchen), the space combines traditional features of a utility room with boot room style bench seating and turned shaker-style coat pegs.

The bespoke furniture allows the client’s laundry appliances to be positioned alongside each other, and at waist height, making it easier to load and unload. The Davonport furniture has been made to accommodate the additional weight when the machines are at capacity to avoid damage or excessive noise from the vibration when in use.

multifunctional kitchen with laundry area
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