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What is a cashmere kitchen and why should you consider one?

A cashmere kitchen is given its name not because of its style but because of its colouring. Generally, a warm neutral, it has a grey/white base with a reddish tone. It can work across different styles of kitchens, from modern to traditional, gloss to shaker.

cashmere kitchen

Cashmere is a great choice as a colour for a kitchen as it is centred in evoking softness and warmth to a space. It is not overpowering or too striking, plus it offers a sense of comfort and familiarity that will really make a room feel like home. The cashmere shade is a great alternative for homeowners who do not wish to have a harsh white or dull brown kitchen – tones which are at either end of the colour scale in which cashmere sits.

Cashmere kitchens aren’t all the same shade either, as you’ll find a range of shades that fall under the cashmere name, ranging from cashmere beige to cashmere grey and you’ll also find the colour changes under different lighting conditions.

Cashmere kitchenPictured: Tillingham Collection

Using cashmere in the name also added an opulent touch. A cashmere kitchen is named after a highly sought after wool which is prized for its softness, comfort and luxury. That alone tells you a lot about what a cashmere kitchen is – it is about bringing your own touch of luxury into your home,

What other colours work with a cashmere kitchen?

cashmere kitchen with purple island

Cashmere kitchens can be paired with several different colours, but you’ll ideally need to know which undertone your cashmere shade has which could be grey, beige or white. This will help you to focus what other colours to pair with it. This will help you to choose what colours will work alongside it.

Beige cashmere works with muted yellow and brown tones, though you can use shades of pink with it.

Darker cashmere sits alongside olive and deep purples or can be contrast with off-white shades.

If you like a cooler cashmere that has a grey undertone, you can make it a relaxing and calming space by adding in pinky-brown tones or splashes of teal and mint green.

What worktop should I pick with a cashmere kitchen?

cashmere and grey kitchen

As cashmere kitchens are neutral, they tend to work with several different worktops. There is a huge trend for picking lighter shades and white, which work with both modern and more traditional kitchens. The benefits of lighter worktops are that it can help to keep the room bright and airy, and work well in kitchens which don’t get much natural light.

Because of the brown undertones to cashmere, you can also choose wooden worktops in most tones including walnut, light oak and grey ash.

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