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What is the quiet luxury kitchen trend?

traditional grey kitchen

One of the biggest fashion trends of the moment, ‘quiet luxury’ has now made a seamless transition from the catwalk and into a quiet luxury kitchen trend. And as this muted style movement begins to make a statement in home décor, interior design enthusiasts look for ways to create spaces that are calm, inviting and subtly opulent.

When it comes to clothes, this trend very much focuses on the pared-back luxury pieces of a capsule wardrobe, without a label or logo in sight. But how does it translate for the best-dressed rooms in your home? This blog focuses on three distinct areas which marry together, to bring this tasteful trend to life:

Keep it very simple

Whether you’re looking to bring quiet luxury into a living space, bedroom or kitchen, the mood is understated and high quality. Simplicity is king, with a perfect balance of clean lines, minimalism and functionality. Soft, organic shapes play their part, too. Forget over-the-top and extravagant – ‘quiet’ is the key word here – clutter is banished and less is, most definitely, more.

Muted colour palettes and natural materials

cashmere kitchen

The quiet luxury kitchen trend colour scheme will centre around minimal palettes of soft greys, beiges and taupes – relaxing, calm and timeless colours. These are the backdrop for beautiful natural materials with an innate beauty – stone, wood, marble and linen, for example.

Details make the difference

This trend might be simple but it’s not cold and minimal – so you’re encouraged to pick out details which appeal on a personal level. A hand-woven rug, velvet curtains, an artisan-made piece of furniture. Subtle touches of loveliness which elevate a room from the ordinary everyday to the exceptionally special.

Bringing quiet luxury into the kitchen

modern contemporary kitchen

So we get that this aesthetic is all about simplicity, quality and carefully chosen details. Brought together, these elements create a look that will endure. For living spaces and bedrooms, it feels like an easy trend to follow – but how does quiet luxury work in a kitchen?

Surprisingly easily, is the answer. A bespoke kitchen lends itself perfectly to this understated trend – and opens up a world of possibilities for homeowners and interior design experts. Like tailoring that’s made from the finest fabric with a timeless silhouette, a kitchen should marry clean lines with exceptional materials and colour that will always be around.

Choose cabinetry crafted in a timeless design and a muted colour, finish it with carefully-considered finishing touches. Think tiles with a beautiful glaze; a tap designed to blend form and function; wood flooring with rich warm grain patterns. These tick all the quiet luxury boxes.

Of course, investing in a high-quality kitchen often means pushing the budget – but by choosing an enduring design and quality materials, you know that your room will stand the test of time in terms of design and durability, and will defy fashion fads that come your way.

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