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What’s replacing Shaker style kitchen cabinetry?

Shaker style kitchens have been a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike for many years now. A timeless design, with clean lines and elegant character, it’s slotted seamlessly into homes of all different eras. But as with many interior trends, this much-loved look has now reached a time when it’s beginning to evolve.

Of course, shaker styling won’t disappear altogether, but there are a handful of trends that look set to take over kitchens. This blog explores the newest ideas which are filtering through.

Sleek & modern

While shaker style kitchens and cabinetry offers versatility that’s at home in modern and classic spaces, it draws inspiration from heritage times. And it seems that interior experts are looking to move away from traditional themes, in order to bring a more contemporary twist to kitchens. But what does this mean in practice? Well, typical shaker-style profiles are being replaced with smooth, flat doors – with full overlays creating a sleeker look without losing out on personality. It’s worth noting that more than just a modern design trend, slab fronts are also a practical choice because their smooth surface is easier to keep clean and dust free. Perfect for busy family living.

The freedom to customise

However it’s not all about simplifying the look. At the other end of the spectrum, mouldings and trims are being introduced to add personality and a ’layered look’ to doors. The best thing about this design evolution is that it’s highly customisable – and the homeowner can give their kitchen a unique look. Freedom to create your own look doesn’t have to come at a cost, either. By embellishing flat doors with beading and mouldings to suit your personal taste, you get all the benefits of a bespoke kitchen – without a designer price tag.

Trends in colour & finish

While detail is becoming more prominent, colours are being pared back to whites, ivory and neutrals. This allows the character of the added details to be the star of the show, rather than a bold shade stealing the spotlight. And while shaker style kitchens tended to favour painted surfaces, newer kitchen trends are focusing in on wood finishes. Natural grain patterns and deep rich wood tones add interest to flat doors, and give kitchens a warm, earthy and welcoming feel.

Hardware directions

As cabinet fronts get sleeker, hardware can play a more prominent role in the kitchen’s look and feel. That can mean oversized handles, more variations on handle placement or new twists on styles. Whichever direction you take, the move away from detailed door fronts paves the way for bolder hardware in different finishes, from sleek metals to warm, textured woods, providing homeowners with endless possibilities to make a statement in their kitchen design.

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