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What is a bespoke kitchen? And what is not a bespoke kitchen?

You may have realised that we’re very proud to design and hand-craft bespoke kitchens and interiors at Davonport, and this term- bespoke – is something we often reference. Every piece of furniture we create is handmade to order, specifically for that client’s individual needs and desires. So for us, the label ‘bespoke’ is all important and something we wholeheartedly believe in. However, in recent years we’ve seen this term used more and more within the kitchen industry where it isn’t always properly justified.

Bespoke is simply defined as ‘“anything commissioned to a particular specification. It can be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser’’. So, when companies offer a ‘bespoke’ kitchen because you can choose the handles, colour choices, and door design from a wide range of styles, this quite simply is not bespoke. Similarly, a standard kitchen unit is 600mm wide, a company selling 625mm wide units instead is not bespoke. It may be different to the norm, but that doesn’t make it bespoke.

Every Davonport kitchen is totally bespoke; custom made to measure per project. From the style of the door to the size of the cabinets and configuration of the internals, it’s all created on a client by client basis. This is why when you visit our workshops in Colchester, Essex, you’ll see the full kitchen manufacturing process. Rather than simply putting together bought in carcasses as some companies do, in our workshops, you’ll see everything from cutting the bark off the raw timber through to hand building each dovetail drawer, and assembling each cabinet by hand too.

Our bespoke approach to making kitchens enables us to create some very unusual and impressive designs. Whether it’s designing the kitchen furniture to fit around original architectural features in the room, designing internals especially for your favourite cookware, or creating a curved island to astound guests, our bespoke design and manufacturing process allows for all this and more.

Of course, a bespoke kitchen isn’t for everybody and we’re not against the modular kitchen alternative. We simply believe in being totally transparent and honest with our clients, so for us, it’s important to let you know that when we say we are a bespoke kitchen designer and manufacturer, we really mean it, in its most fundamental sense.

If you want to find out more about our bespoke furniture and why it’s worth investing in a bespoke kitchen, get in touch – we’d love to show you around our showroom and workshops.

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