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Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

Choosing a bespoke kitchen means that it is designed for you. You get to have control over everything, from the biggest to the smallest of details. From cabinetry to appliances, to colour (or several colours), bespoke island shapes and sizes and even the finer details such as the engraving of your house name.

bespoke kitchen

 Why, if budgets allow, a bespoke kitchen should be on your radar for your next project.

Bespoke kitchens are designed to use the space available in the best possible way. Whether a kitchen is large or on the smaller side, open plan, awkward alcoves, beams or other quirky features, a bespoke kitchen designer will be able to work within these parameters to deliver a kitchen that is totally unique to you and your home.

All these different structural elements can mean that off-the-peg kitchens have to rely on either on very large filler panels or the obligatory filler of a 150mm wine or pull-out cabinet for the space left over and gaps that need closing. While there is nothing wrong in choosing this, bespoke kitchens are designed from scratch to perfectly fit the space, including how to maximise every inch of it with beautiful symmetry.

choosing a bespoke kitchenAfter establishing that bespoke kitchens are customed designed to fit any space, the real fun element of bespoke kitchens is the actual design. Truly bespoke kitchens means that almost anything is possible when it comes to how a kitchen looks, as long as it is in the boundaries of what the material can do. Whether it is the shape of an island, height of cabinets, colour choice, handles or worktops, the choice of what you’d like is limitless as long as the material is out there.

You get to deal direct with the kitchen designer, and not a sales person.

Bespoke kitchen designers should also spend a considerable time getting to know your lifestyle so your kitchen can be designed to work in harmony with it. Budding chef? Busy family kitchen? Love to entertain? You’ll have some idea about how you will use your kitchen before setting foot in a showroom. However, bespoke kitchen designers work to ensure these priorities are met, along with having a wealth of experience under their belt to suggest ideas that might not have been considered. The result is a kitchen that not only reflects your personality but will make using it a pleasure.

walnut kitchenChoosing a bespoke kitchen isn’t just about the layout and design. There is also the level of customer service during and after the process. Bespoke kitchen companies understand that this level of investment is huge for families. When choosing a bespoke kitchen, the minimum you should expect is to deal with the kitchen designers themselves, rather than any salespeople. This ensures nothing is lost in translation, and you have access to experts and all their knowledge. After listening to your ideas and understanding your specific needs, the designer might also offer design solutions that you, your architect or builder might not have considered.

You’ll also be assured that bespoke kitchen companies will have their own highly trained installers and expert after-sales customer service, so that you have peace of mind that you’ll have continued support long after the kitchen is completed.

Davonport has been designing and manufacturing bespoke kitchens for 30 years. Kitchens currently start at £50,000 including appliances. For more information, visit

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