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Inspired by the stunning Suffolk coastline, the Orford collection is a faultless example of classic kitchen design reflecting the calming and elegant feel of the region’s shoreline.

The traditional combination of grey, cream and weathered oak creates an organic, natural feel in the room, echoing the surrounding shoreline and countryside. The large kitchen island centralised below a vaulted ceiling provides a relaxed place for family to gather as well as a very practical space to prepare food.

An informal dining table, perfect for busy Sunday roasts, connects the main kitchen area to the garden room; ideal for relaxing with family and friends. The daylight that pours in creates gorgeous natural lighting throughout the space. The garden room opens on to a lawn which in turn wraps around the property; the distinction between garden, living area and kitchen is blurred, encouraging the country air, sea breeze and warm sunshine to drift throughout the home. This natural flow between spaces adds to the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Clean and simple lines are used throughout the design, from the freestanding pantry to the open shelving and uncomplicated cabinetry style – this is a kitchen that requires no gadgets or gimmicks to make an impact.

The accessories and lighting used to complete the tranquil décor reflect the rural, beachside location of the property – ornaments collected from a lifetime of travelling gives the room an added sense of warmth, homeliness and comfort.

From city centre to rural countryside, the Orford is designed to bring the essence of relaxed coastal, country living to the kitchen. Calming and uncomplicated, it is a space to escape, unwind and enjoy the simpler things in life.