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The stunning SOHO collection rejects convention and enables you to indulge in the unequivocal freedom of absolute bespoke design.

Uniting a selection of materials and textures that include smooth concrete, sandblasted timber and hand stitched fabric, SOHO creates a wholly unique kitchen space that defies the boundaries of traditional interior design.

This combination of soft tones, textures and opposing colours is an entirely new style of kitchen inspired by contrast, and this particular interpretation, with its deep, rich colours and gleaming copper kitchen accessories and accents, has a distinctly regal ambience.

True beauty is found in the fusion of performance and appearance - designed to be as palpable as it is visually stunning, SOHO is limited only by your imagination.

This quasi industrial kitchen can be replicated in full or in part as it is a hugely versatile collection and so it can be tailored to reflect your own needs and lifestyle aspirations.