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The Art of an Ergonomic Kitchen: Drawer Storage

A kitchen may look stunning, but the real beauty of a design can only be truly appreciated when it’s used. An ergonomic kitchen layout and storage can make a world of difference to keen chefs, helping you glide seamlessly from task to task and providing easy access to every pan, plate and utensil you might need.

So what kind of ergonomic solutions are there to really make a difference? A lot of it comes down to internal storage. For example, peg boards in crockery drawers are very popular because they can be adjusted to fit the contents exactly. They also enable you to lift items out from above, rather than reach into stacks of crockery in a cupboard which can make accessibility difficult. By having crockery laid out in drawers, it keeps things very tidy as well as easy to reach. Another benefit of peg boards is that they can be adjusted so that as your crockery collection changes the storage facilities can also adjust. At Davonport, we are seeing peg boards in drawers for crockery overtaking storing crockery in a cupboard. In a similar vein, pan drawers are also very popular because they make it easier to see where everything is at a glance and makes accessing your pans much easier.

When it comes to shallower drawers, bespoke utensil and cutlery inserts are popular, as are built in knife blocks. These customised options help to keep all utensils and cutlery in place. Similarly, there are also options such as spice wedge inserts for drawers which allow dried herbs and spices to be stored at a slight angle so the labels are all visible, making finding the right spice or herb easy. Another popular storage option is the bottle divider set within a drawer. Designed for storage of upright bottles such as wine bottles – think of a fixed wine carrier made from solid wood within a deep drawer; it’s a brilliant example of ergonomic storage that really utilises your cupboard space.

In order to ensure your storage inserts stand the test of time bespoke adjustments can be made to adapt to your changing cutlery, utensils etc. Peg boards can be changed by simply moving the positioning of the pegs to fit your crockery whilst cutlery and utensil inserts can be replaced with fresh bespoke inserts handcrafted to fit your new cutlery.


With heavier storage consider the type of pans or dishes you plan to store in each drawer. If you plan to use drawers for storage of exceptionally heavy items (for example Le Creuset casserole dishes) then the runners will need to be able to cope with the weight. It’s important to discuss with your designer which drawers are to be used for very heavy items so that they are manufactured with appropriate runners.


For any advice on planning an ergonomic kitchen, please feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our designers.

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