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How to Bring Christmas to Your Kitchen in a Practical Way

Adorning the house with Christmas decorations is a long honoured tradition that kicks off the festive season beautifully. However, despite the fact that most of the Christmas period is spent in our kitchens many of us don’t decorate this room. Obviously kitchen Christmas decorations have to be practical and hygienic above all else, but this is easy to achieve if well planned and there are many ways to incorporate the festive season into the kitchen. If you’re stuck for inspiration then here are some tips from the Davonport design team.


Lighting is an essential feature in the kitchen throughout the year, but it’s also a fabulous way to add a little festive charm without adding clutter to the room. Fairy lights are a firm favourite over the festive period, whether they’re placed in a bowl or spread over the top of cabinets they’re a lovely addition to the lighting of the room. Existing lighting can of course be made into a feature; hanging baubles from a chandelier or pendant light creates a seasonal touch without infringing upon valuable work space. Candles are another popular choice; placed in vases or hurricane jars, they enhance the cosy ambience.

Decorating the right areas in the kitchen is the key to making it feel Christmassy but practical. Windowsills, mantles, breakfast bars and open shelving are good spaces for ornaments as the working areas will remain unaffected. A garland placed over the mantle, baubles hung in windows or trinkets spread across open shelves will add some festive charm whilst keeping the kitchen clean and ergonomic. Another way to incorporate Christmas decorations into the kitchen is by adding Christmas themed kitchen essentials, for example red mixing bowls and utensils or a patterned apron will give the room a seasonal feel in a wholly practical way.

If your kitchen is open plan leading into a seating or dining area then the options available to you are far greater. More traditional Christmas decorations or even a Christmas tree can be incorporated where space allows. However, if your kitchen isn’t big enough to include a full sized Christmas tree there are other ways to incorporate the outdoors in your festive themed kitchen. Gathering together some branches and spraying them silver or gold will create a minimalist Christmas tree; add some small baubles for extra charm. Pine cones sprayed in a complementary tone to the branches are another nice touch; whether dotted along the top of the cabinetry, nestled in a garland or simply placed in a bowl or jug, they will add a beautiful but subtle festive touch to the room. Alternatively including some holly or even a ‘wreath chandelier’ hung above the island or table will create a Christmas themed focal point.

The key to making the kitchen festive but practical is by utilising the parts of the room that are not needed for cooking, the last thing you want is to clutter the space which will not only look chaotic but also poses a risk to the ergonomics of the room as well as the safety of the space.


Once you have worked out which areas of the room are most suitable for decorating indulge yourself and enjoy adding some Christmas sparkle to the most important room of the season. If you would like some further festive inspiration have a look at our ‘Christmas In The Kitchen’ themed Pinterest board.

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